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9/28-29/2013 MS City To Shore

“As a follow up to this inspirational message both, myself and my family send you our most sincere thanks and appreciation for everything you have done. If you will allow, I would like to share my personal story.
My wife was diagnosed shortly after we started to date, she had become bed ridden as a result of her first episode and it was shortly after that we learned what MS was.  We started to become active in MS charity events and the MS walks (even pushing our son Kurt in his stroller) until Kelly was unable to walk that far.  As our son grew I became more involved in his life and before I knew it I was fast approaching 50 and looking to get back in shape, (in shape really as I was never athletic).  At a local Cherry Hill event, I was complaining to an acquaintance of mine Dave Beauchemin about running, and no time for the gym. Dave explained that he had just joined a bike team with great people who were doing Sunday rides preparing for a cancer ride and the team was going to ride the MS150 which I should do for Kelly.  I was as reluctant as a kindergartener to get on a bike and ride more than 10 miles. I thought those rides were for future Lance Armstrong types.  Yet, I did my due diligence with bikes, picked up left over Specialized and figured I would just make the 25 mile option MS ride. I came with Dave on my very first ride with Team Evesham, nervous as heck (yes even at 48 years old).  I was introduced to all the C riders and Sandy. Reading the inexperience in me like a book, Sandy rode next to me for almost the entire ride and before I knew it I had rode 30 miles, a personal accomplishment for me. By the time the ride came I was almost able to keep up with Brad on a B level for 60 miles and made the ride down and back the next day. Never would I have imagined I could push myself so far and help others. Crossing that line with my wife at the end was truly one of the most significant moments in my life (I wept like a baby).  Since then Team Evesham has been more of a family to me than baseball, scouts and swimming.  We encourage each other to push ourselves , we help each other when we struggle, we share in good times before and after rides and we share in a common mission where all egos are left home (except maybe those A+ guys) and it all starts with the leadership.  To Sandy, Dave, Brad, Dennis, Andre and all the others, thank you for your commitment.”
“This was my first year in the MS ride and I am a new member of Team Evesham.  I did not arrange to meet and ride with anyone for the 45 mile ride and began the ride alone but I did not end the ride alone.  This was the longest ride I have participated and was reticent as to my ability to finish 45 miles.  I found that every time I felt myself faltering someone from Team Evesham would pass me with an encouraging “You can do it” or “Way to go Team Evesham” or some type of pep talk.  I just want to thank you all for the accolades and words of encouragement that helped me complete this ride.  I so thoroughly enjoyed myself I have signed up for next year.”
“I saw … this afternoon.  She was thrilled about having completed the ride.  She said the group she traveled with was great and she can’t say enough good things about you and Dave.  This is just one more example of Team Evesham changing lives for the better one person at a time.”
“Thank you Team Evesham Cycling Club for the privilege to ride with you guys in the MS Bike MS: City to Shore Ride. You guys really rock!”
“This was my First year participating in the Bike MS: City to Shore Ride.
2 Wonderful Days of Cycling for such a Worthy Cause!
My experience as a member of Team Evesham was very Rewarding!
I look forward to continuing onward with the team!”
“thanks for a great ride experience. I don’t know what I liked better, the pizza or the massage.”
“… you’re so much more than a top 250 fundraiser to this event! Thanks for encouraging all riders on the route!
Team Evesham is the best!! The MS ride just keeps getting better. Bagels and coffee at the start, camaraderie along the way, a ride in together last mile and then Pizza and Massage! My dreams are not as good as this! Thank you for making today the best!
Signing up for next year right now”

“Thanks for the honorary inclusion in your team meeting at the last rest stop. As a rookie Bike MS rider, I appreciated hearing about the hills before I got to them Y’all were great and everyone from Evesham that I came into contact with was extremely friendly and helpful!”

“The team rocks! MS ride is the perfect event for us. Nice job Sandy!”

“So proud to be part of Team Evesham!”

“One of the most awesome experiences of my life! Thanks for helping to make my rookie ride a success… I already signed up for next year’s ride!”

“Thanks for everything Sandy. Had such a great 1st MS ride with team evesham!”

“Unless you participate in something like this you have no idea how good it makes you feel when you can help others just by doing something you love to do.”
‘Thank you Sandy for all the encouragement, leadership, assistance and support. Don’t know where you find the time!'”
“This year was a true life changer for me regarding cycling.  I have learned so much, and even though I am only in the C+/B range….that is where I feel comfortable, I was able to finish 101.8 miles with an average of 15.9 per hour – personal best for that kind of mileage!!!”
“Just wanted to thank everyone involved with Team Evesham for getting me ready for the MS City to Shore Ride.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, except for the scare we got when Vickie’s bike chain locked up on the downslope of the first Ocean City Bridge and she flew over her handlebars and hit the sidewall of the bridge…luckily she was able to get back in the saddle and finish the ride with us!  I credit all the rides I participated in with Team Evesham and 2 other groups to get me bike-ready!  Vickie and I already registered for next year’s ride and are entertaining thoughts of doing the century…a girl can dream, right?!  Thanks also for the pizza in Ocean City”


“…It has been almost two years.  March 2011 was my official start.  I appreciate the thanks.  It is Team Evesham that has kept me riding.  The camaraderie and friendships that I have made are really why I ride.  I do like to ride my bike, but it is the motivation to go out and ride with my friends that I really enjoy!”


“…I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have found Team Evesham! you have created such an amazing organization, and we have met so many nice people and made some wonderful friends! Everyone is always so friendly and encouraging! You don’t know how much we brag about all of you ! I really enjoyed helping out this morning and hope we can do it again for the next holiday , thanks for all you do,..”


“Team Evesham seemed to be really safe.  Whenever I noticed a couple of riders off to the right side of the road, obeying all traffic laws, and being courteous, they were wearing Team Evesham jerseys.  I mentioned it to someone at their tent, and was told they are comprised of several police officers and elected officials.  Their stated goal was to set an example by following rules of the road, and being courteous and friendly.  IMHO, they succeeded.”


“Sandy & team leaders: I just wanted to send a note of thanks for organizing the Team Evesham MS events this past weekend. As a rookie rider you all made me feel apart of something bigger and I was proud to be a part of a team that raised money for the cause and demonstrated solid cycling safety skills throughout the ride.”
“Sandy, thanks for taking time to teach critical skills over the course of the ride. I truly appreciate the time you invested in me, as a rookie rider, to help me learn some basic cycling skills and providing motivation. Completing my first 75+ mile ride is a personal achievement and felt great to be contributing to something so important.”
“Thanks for leading the team and creating an environment that fosters commitment and personal investment in those of us on it.”
“Looking forward to next years ride where I can pass the skills that you taught me along to the next rookie rider!”
“Great team, great learning environment and great fun!”
“I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for everything that you do. You believe in what you’re doing and you do it with your heart and soul, that’s what makes it work. As we rode on Saturday I was just amazed by our family’s spirit, yes we are a family and friends, we rode for a cause but it was a lot more. To help and give back to others that are not as fortunate as us, to be able to ride through south jersey with a great group of people. I never thought a couple years ago that I could ride a 100 plus miles in a day and when I tell people that they are amazed by that number. (Warm and fuzzy time) When we lined up Saturday morning I was so excited to see everyone so happy and smiling and just a presence of sheer joy, besides being the best looking Team out there and our
bellies full from a great dinner the night before. We started in style, we rode with confidence and safety, we showed others that you can ride hard and be safe at the same time; we made others notice us, because we set a good example. But that because of the endless road that you put into Team Evesham, Vince Lombardi said “To be successful, a man must exert an effective influence upon his brothers and upon his associates, and the degree in which he accomplishes this depends on the personality of the man. The incandescence of which he is capable. The flame of fire that burns inside of him. The magnetism which draws the heart of other men to him.” That defines your passion for the TEAM EVESHAM.”


“ It was an honor to ride with the team.  What a great group of cyclists gathered to ride for a great cause!  Many thanks… for taking care of all the details and sending out the much-appreciated emails and helpful riding tips.  My MS rookie ride was a very positive experience.  I look forward to the next ride.”


“hey guys it was so awesome seeing your group out at the ms150 everytime i turned around i seen one of your jerseys i even rolled with the from one rest stop to the next the headwind yesterday was brutal !  was told by one of your guys you do sunday am rides and that would work perfect for me 🙂 the promanade is only 5-10 min from my home looking forward to hearing from you !”
“just finished city to shore ride. I live in evesham and have been biking for 3 years. never ridden in a large group before had lots of fun. when and where do you meet.”
“You’re a class act Sandy. I see you enjoy the selfless amount of time you put into serving others. I admire that. My wife and kids had a blast, it is a weekend I will always have fond memories of and you made a big part of that happen. Ive met so may new friends. I am truly grateful.”


“I was so proud to be a part of Team Evesham. The group I rode with was fun, and cordial to others, danced at rest stops (yes, danced) and was communicative while riding, ensuring optimal safety for us and others. And…. we passed many other riders along the way – including the Penn team! LOL”
…I truly feel honored to be a part of this team and loved riding with various members and/or hanging out at rest stops.  I was sore riding back but Andy, Andrew and Lydia were at the finish line and my kids are very proud of me, which makes it all worth it …I noticed we had many “rookies” who did this for the first time.  I think riding with our team was encouraging and invited them to do something they probably wouldn’t have done, and now feel proud…”
“Thank you for all the hard work you put into making Team Evesham such a great club, and all the effort you put into the MS ride event for us”
“I want to thank you all for letting me ride with you back to Cherry Hill, it was an amazing experience!!!”
“My name is . . . and I am looking to join a Bike team… I saw Team Evesham at yesterdays City to Shore Ride and you looked like a fun group… Please let me know what I need to do to join.”


  1. Just want to thank the ACS captain, Dave, for all his work. A big thanks to his wife Judith for cooking the sausage, peppers and onions. Also a shout out to all those who donated items or helped to set up everything. It was nice to finish the ride and be able to sit down eat, drink, and relax with fellow team mates. Kathy B.

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