Smithville Park & Mount Holly


Exit Promenade onto Sagemore.
Right onto Brick.
At dead end (Evans Road) make a left turn.
At Main Street (gas station) make a right turn.
At Old Marlton Pike, light, make a left turn.
At dead end, make a right, stay on Old Marlton Pike, this becomes Union, cross Main street in Medford., becomes Bank Street.
At Filbert make a left.
At Branch make a right.
Slight left onto Eayrestown Road at fork.
At Branin road make a left.

Cross Route 70, becomes Eayrestown Road.
Go straight beyond Wawa.
Cross New Freedom & Church Roads.
Becomes Country Club road, go past Golden Pheasant golf club.
At Dead End (Bridge Road), make a right, at stop sign, Eayrestown Road, make a left.
Follow “s” curves, go beyond Landing Street (Rt 641). Still on Eayrestown Road.
Right onto Newbolds Corner Road, second left is Smithville Road, left turn here.
Cross Route 38.  Still on Smithville Road, go 8/10 of a mile.
Make a left into the park, go down the driveway and follow to Courtyard- far left.

Exit the park, left onto Smithville Road, go beyond the blinking light, (2/10 mile), next light is Woodlane Road (rt 630), rest stop at Old World Cafe and Bakery.

Exit Bakery right turn onto Woodlane Road (west).
At Knightsbridge Road make a left (Carriage Park sign).
At dead end, Powell Street, right turn, this becomes Mill, stay on Mill.
At fork (left turn), go in front of the America Hose Company (Fire House). Still on Mill (Rt 537). Becomes Washington Street after you cross High Street.
Left onto Madison Street (Rt 691). Stay on Madison, pass by Virtua Mt. Holly. Cross Route 38.

This road now becomes Main Street (RT.541), as we enter Lumberton. Stay on 541 beyond Fostertown Road. At Church Road (Wawa), continue straight, cross Route 70.
Make a right turn onto Union.  Stay on Union.
Make a left turn onto Old Marlton Pike.
At Tuckerton Road (light), make a right turn.
At Evans Road take the jug handle, cross Main Street.
At Brick Road right turn and then a left turn onto Sagemore.
Right turn into the Promenade.

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