Sunday Brunch Ride

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Meet at Indian Mills School
Right onto Indian Mills
Left Oakshade
Rt. Tuckerton
1.2 m Left Concord
1.5 m Right Flyatt Road
4.0 m Left Carranza Road
4.1 m Right Medford Lakes/Chatsworrth Rt. 532
4.2 m Left New Road (Nixons Store)
5.9 m Right Patty Bowker Road
6.3 m Left Sawmill Road
Sawmill becomes Fox Chase
6.8 m Right Powell Place Road
9.4 m Powell Place becomes Sooy Place
15.3 Right Main Street Rt. 563
18.4 Rest Stop Hot Diggity Dog
Leave Hot Diggity Dog make left Rt. 532 West Tabernacle Chatsworth Road
28.3 miles Second Rest Stop Nixons
Left Carranza Road
Right Flyatt Road
29.6 m Left Old Indian Mill Road Rt. 648 South
32.3 m Left Rt. 206
32.4 m Right Willow Grove
@ Shamong Diner
32.7 m First Right Manitoba Trail
33.5 m Rt. Indian Mills Rt. 620
Cross Oakshade
35 Miles End Indian Mills School

Time to Eat!

Sunday Brunch Ride

    • I had a nice time at that place with all you guys. The food was out of this world and I didn’t even feel like I pigged out after I left, which I most certainly did but not as much as Jimbo…I was damn near second. The best part of the ride today was that I didn’t get lost coming to NJ this time…that’s a first, however, I did get my first flat ever and thanks to Bill & Brad, I was saved!!!! You guys Rock!

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