Ride to Nixon’s via Seneca


Exit the Promenade,Right onto Brick Road
Evans Road, left turn
Main Street, Right turn
Old Marlton Pike SECOND LIGHT-left turn

At dead end, right turn,
on Union, cross Hartford & Main
Bank Street now, left onto Filbert
At dead end, right onto Branch
At the fork in the road, Right onto Chairville Road
Go in front of the two schools
Hawkin Road, Right

Stay on Hawkin Road, cross Skeet, Rt 206
At dead end at Seneca High School, right onto Carranza Road
At the stop sign, left onto Chatsworth Road

At Nixon’s left onto New Road REST STOP 13.3 miles

Exit Nixon’s; make a right onto Rt 532 (Chatsworth Road)
This becomes Medford Lakes Road,
cross 206, go in front of Shawnee
Dixontown Road, right turn

Stokes Road (Rt 541), McDonalds, go straight
Himmelien Road-LIGHT-Left
Beyond Hartford Road-Light & St. Peters
Right onto Christopher Mill Road

Right onto Tuckerton Road
Pass the Evesham Rec Complex
Becomes Main Street,
take the jughandle onto Evans Road at Speed Gas

Right onto Brick Road
Left into the Promenade

Lost, help, call, lonely, hungry:
609-841-9025, 856-816-3160

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