Patrolling the Pinelands

RideWithGPS | PDF

  1. Meet at Seneca High School. Seneca is located at 110 Carranza Road. We will meet in the parking lot closest to Carranza Road.
  2. Turn Left out of parking lot onto Carranza Road.
  3. Travel southeast of Carranza Road until you reach the intersection with Chatsworth Road in Tabernacle.
  4. Turn left on Chatsworth Road towards Chatsworth. This is the intersection where Nixon’s Store is located.
  5. Continue travelling east on Chatsworth Road. It will turn into Route 532.
  6. Entering Chatsworth, you will turn right onto route 563. There should be a food stand on your left as you enter Chatsworth where you can relax and purchase food and drinks. This will be our first gathering point.
  7. Travel south on Route 563 approximately 10 miles to Mick’s Canoe Rentals on your right. You will find restrooms at Mick’s and a shop with food and drinks. This will be our second gathering point.
  8. Return: Turn around and head north on route 563.
  9. Turn left in Chatsworth onto route 532 west.
  10. At intersection in Tabernacle, run right onto Carranza Road.
  11. Return to parking lot at Seneca High School.

Total distance is approximately 40 miles. If you wish to shorten the mileage, you can simply turn around on route 563 at mileage marker 35. This will trim approximately 8 miles from the trip. Once we leave Tabernacle for Chatsworth, we will not encounter any traffic signals and the bike paths are wide, smooth and clearly marked. I will also try to throw in some local culture and history along the route.

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