Olde World Bakery

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LEFT onto Sagemore Drive out of the back of The Promenade.
RIGHT onto Brick Road.
LEFT onto Evans Road.
RIGHT onto Main Street/Tuckerton Road.
LEFT onto Elmwood Drive.

After 3.3 miles on Elmwood, RIGHT onto Elbo Lane/Stacy Haines Rd.
Cross Ark Rd.
Regroup at South Jersey Regional Airport (on LEFT).

LEFT back onto Stacy Haines Rd.
Follow Stacy Haines 1.2 miles to the end.
Turn RIGHT onto Fostertown Rd.
At 0.3 miles, LEFT onto Main Street (Route 541).
Cross Landing Street.
Pass Route 541 bypass.
Becomes Route 691.
Cross Route 38.
Pass Virtua Hospital Mount Holly.
RIGHT onto Washington Street.
At 0.4 miles, LEFT onto High St. Follow High Street for 0.8 miles.
RIGHT onto Front St.
Go 0.4 miles on Front and turn RIGHT onto Woodlane Rd.
Cross Jacksonville.
Cross Monmouth.
Stop at Olde World Bakery (corner of Woodlane & Smithville).

LEFT out of Old World Bakery onto Smithville Rd.
At 1.4 miles, RIGHT onto West Railroad/Shreeve.
Follow West Railroad/Shreeve 1.9 miles.
LEFT onto Pine/Eayrestown Rd.
Cross Route 38.
RIGHT onto Bridge.
LEFT onto Country Club/Eayrestown Rd.
At 1.8 miles, RIGHT onto Church Rd.
Follow Church 0.7 miles to Kirby’ s Mill.
The team will regroup at Kirby’s mill.

RIGHT out of Kirby’s Mill back onto Church Rd. (Watch out for grates in roadway!)
Follow Church Rd 3.7 miles.
LEFT onto Elmwood Drive, follow across Route 70.
RIGHT onto Main.
At 1.1 miles, RIGHT onto jughandle (to Evans Rd).
Take Evans 1.1 miles to Marlton Parkway.
RIGHT onto Marlton Parkway.
RIGHT back into the Promenade.

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