Nixon’s Deli

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Left out of the Promenade onto Sagemore Drive.
Right onto Brick Road.
Left onto Evans Rd (stop sign).
At the light, right turn onto Main Street.
Main Street becomes Tuckerton Road, stay on Tuckerton road and proceed straight at the following lights: Taunton, Jackson, Stokes-will enter Shamong township

Cross Oak Shade,
First left is Concord (entering a neighborhood). If you get to McKendimen you went too far
At dead end, make a right onto Flyatt Road.
Stay on Flyatt, cross Route 206 and Indian Mills Road.
Flyatt will dead end beyond Conte’s Farms, make a left turn onto Carranaza.
An immediate right turn onto Tabernacle Road and another immediate left turn into Nixon’s Deli. (Approx 14 miles)

From Nixon’s, right onto New Road. Cross Route 70 (approx. 3 miles).
Still on New Road, go about two miles, third left at 4 way Stop sign is Ridge Road.
Left onto Ridge Road and cross Rt 206.

At dead end, right onto Red Lion Rd.
Beyond the Airport , first left onto New Freedom Road.
Cross Eayrestown Road , cross Chairville Road.
Left onto second Eayrestown road.
Rest stop if needed at WAWA (approx. 24 miles)

Left out of Wawa, cross Route 70.
Second right onto Chairville Road.
Left onto Main Street (Route 541, Stokes Road) in Medford
Slight right turn onto Mill Street (route 623)

At dead end turn right onto Himmelien Rd. Stay to left at the light and make a right turn onto Christopher Mill Road (St.Peters). Go 1.6 miles on Christopher Mill.
Right onto Tuckerton.
After 2.5 miles take the jughandle on the right to Evans Rd (Speed Gas).
Right onto Marlton Parkway. Go half a mile, right turn back into The Promenade.

Nixon’s Deli

  1. i was surprised at all who showed up today, at 29 degrees @ the start of the ride! Wasnt that bad after it warmed up ! Had a great time riding today – Hope to have a few more before the year is up ! You ‘re a great group ! ps Jimmy how was the hills on your new bike enjoyed hiking threw the construction site hope to see all soon thanks again .

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