New Road Ride

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Exit the Promenade, go east on Marlton Parkway, at the light at Tomlinson Mill Road, this becomes Taunton Lake Road. At the next light, make a right onto king Grant Dr, this will become Crown Royal Parkway, you will intersect with Taunton Lake Road, make a right.  At next light, Taunton Road make a left, cross Tuckerton. The next light is Hartford, stay to the right onto Himmelein Road.  At Stokes Road, make a right. At McDonalds, bear to the left onto Dixon Town road.

At 532 (Medford-Tabernacle Road, make a left, go beyond Shawnee High School, make a right turn into Murphy’s Market (rest stop). Exit east (right turn) back onto 532, cross 206. Cross Carranza Road. At Nixon’s Store (New Road), make a left turn. Stay on New Road, cross Route 70 and go two miles, make a left onto Ridge Road. Cross 206 and at the dead end, make a right turn onto Red Lion Road, pass the tiny airport. Make a left turn onto New Freedom Road.  Cross Eayrestown Road, Chairville Road, and Eayrestown Road again.

Make a left onto Church R, at the next light Stokes Road (541) rest stop Wawa. Go west on Church Road, (left turn) and go beyond Hartford Road (Lenape High School). At Elmwood Road make a left, stay on Elmwood beyond Route 70.

At first light past Route 70, Tuckerton Road, (golf Course & Church), make a right and follow this to the next light, take the jug handle for Evans Road, cross Main Street (Speed gas), and make a right turn onto Marlton Parkway. Make the final right turn into the Promenade. Final rest stop Panera.

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