Marlton Lakes Ride

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Exit the rear of the promenade onto Sagemore Drive. Left onto the Marlton Parkway. Right at the light onto Tomlinson Mill Road. Left onto Kettle Run Road. Beyond the old Airport,

Make a left turn at the rise of the hill, still on Kettle Run Road (across from Lake & Camp).

First right is Popular, stay on extreme right, and make a left onto Bass. At Lakeshore (dead end), make a right turn. Stay on Lakeshore till it dead-ends at Holly Road.
Left turn onto Holly Road, left turn onto Cherry Road, then a right onto Walnut.
First left is Hickory, and then another left onto Spring Avenue, (follow the lake). At Hopewell Road make a left turn. Re-group at the firehouse.

Stay on Hopewell until Bortons Road (Little Mill & The Preserve). Right turn onto Bortons Road. At the dead end, make a left onto Centennial Road. The first right turn is Centennial Dam Road (unmarked), make a right turn here, cross the lake. Right turn onto East Centennial. Make a right onto Catamount; the first left (unmarked) is Wilderness, make a left turn onto Wilderness. Left turn onto Jackson Road. Cross Tuckerton Road and rest stop is the Bagel Store on the right before Stokes Road.

Exit and make a right turn onto Stokes Road, at the McDonalds, go to the left onto Dixontown Road. Dixontown Road ends at Medford Lakes Road, make a right turn, go in front of the golf course. At PJ Whelan’s, make a right turn onto Stokes Road. Go straight and at Himmelein Road make a left turn. Go beyond Hartford road and make a right turn onto Christopher’s Mill Road. This will dead end at Tuckerton Road and make a right turn. At Evans Road (Speed Gas), take the jug handle and at Brick Road, make a right turn back into the Promenade.

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