Friday Loop – Oakshade WAWA to Hawkins Rd. 30 miles

RideWithGPS / PDF

Type Notes miles
Left Turn left toward Sagemore Dr 0
Right Turn right toward Sagemore Dr 0.08
Right Turn right onto Sagemore Dr 0.13
Left Turn left onto Marlton Pkwy 0.34
Straight Continue onto Taunton Lake Rd 1.75
Straight Continue onto Tomlinson Mill Rd 3.62
Straight Continue onto Hopewell Rd 3.96
Left Turn left onto Breakneck Rd 4.01
Right Turn right onto Hinchman Rd 4.34
Right Slight right to stay on Hinchman Rd 4.63
Right Slight right to stay on Hinchman Rd 4.64
Left Turn left onto Centennial Dam Rd 5.15
Right Turn right onto Pontiac Dr 5.24
Left Pontiac Dr turns slightly left and becomes Scout Dr 5.58
Left Scout Dr turns slightly left and becomes Cedar Falls Dr 5.76
Right Turn right onto Shanty Dam Rd 5.99
Left Turn left onto Watson Way 6.05
Left Watson Way turns left and becomes Pontiac Dr 6.19
Right Turn right onto Centennial Dam Rd 6.63
Left Turn left onto E Centennial Dr 6.69
Straight Continue onto High Point Dr 7.37
Left Turn left onto Wilderness Dr 7.72
Left Turn left onto Jackson Rd 7.87
Right Turn right onto Eton Ln 8.83
Right Turn right onto Commonwealth Dr 9.43
Left Turn left onto Abingdon Ave 9.66
Right Turn right onto Highbridge Blvd 9.86
Straight Continue straight onto Highbridge Blvd 10.83
Right Turn right onto Midbridge Dr 10.98
Right Turn right onto Atsion Rd 11.69
Left Turn left onto Grassy Lake Rd 12.2
Right Turn right onto County Rd 620/Indian Mills Rd/Medford Rd 13.76
Left Turn left onto County Rd 534/Oakshade Rd 14.22
Left Turn left onto Pricketts Mill Rd 15.89
Right Turn right onto Constitution Dr 17.78
Right Turn right onto Independence Way 18.34
Left Turn left onto Hawkin Rd 18.57
Straight Continue onto Chairville Rd 21.37
Straight Continue onto Branch St 22.04
Left Turn left onto Filbert St 22.36
Right Turn right onto Bank St 22.47
Straight Continue onto Union St 22.62
Straight Continue onto Old Marlton Pike 23.01
Left Turn left to stay on Old Marlton Pike 24.09
Straight Continue onto Marlton Pike 24.93
Straight Continue onto Old Marlton Pike E 25.39
Right Turn right onto E Main St 26.06
Straight Slight right 27.32
Left Slight left onto Willow Bend Rd 27.43
Right Turn right onto Tomlinson Mill Rd 28.28
Right Slight right to stay on Tomlinson Mill Rd 28.55
Right Turn right onto Marlton Pkwy 28.88
Straight Make a U-turn at Tomlinson Mill Rd 29
Straight Turn right into Promenade 30.5

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