Centennial Lakes to Oak Shade Wawa Long Version [35 mi]

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Left Marlton Parkway

Right Kings Grant continue onto Crown Royal Parkway

Right Taunton Lake Road

Right Hopewell

Left Breakneck

Right Hinchman

Left Centennial Dam

Right Pontiac

Left Scout

Left Cedar Falls

Right Shanty Dam

Left Watsons Way becomes Pontiac

Right Centennial Dame

Left East Centennial becomes High Point

Left Wilderness

Left Jackson

Right Eton

Right Commonwealth

Right Abington
Left Amesbury Park

Right Highbridge

Right Midbridge

Right Atsion

Left Grassy Lake Road

Right Indian Mills

Left Oakshade (stop at Wawa)
Leaving Wawa Make Right out of parking lot Oakshade

Right Tuckerton Rd.

Left Concord

Right Flyatt Road

Left Carranza (at dead end)

Left 532 Medford Lakes Road

Left Oakshade Road

Right Mc Kendimen

Left to stay on Mc Kendimen @ Bear Rd.

Left 532 Tabernacle Road

Right Stokes Road

Left Himmelein

Left Taunton

Cross Tuckerton (still on Taunton)

Taunton makes a right turn at the old Blockbuster

Continue onto Marlton Pkwy.

Right Sagemore

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