Cue Sheets

Cue Sheets

  1. This is a ride I did today (Edited to start at Panera), added about 10 miles to the ride I did yesterday. It will take you out to see both the SJ Regional Airport and the Flying W, and all the way back to the Marlton Lakes area. The Evesham Municipal Building being an idea place for a rest.

    From the Promenade, make a left onto Sagemore Dr.
    At the end of Sagemore, make a right onto Brick Rd.
    Make a left onto Evans and continue until the intersection. ~ 1.4 miles
    Mark a right onto onto East Main Street.
    At light, make a left onto Elmwood Rd. ~ 2.3 miles
    Continue on Elmwood until the intersection with Church Road ~ 5 miles
    Continue straight onto Moorestown – Mt. Laurel Rd.
    Continue past Elbo Ln. until the next intersection, making a right onto Hainesport – Mt Laurel Rd. ~ 6 miles
    Continue until the intersection at Ark Rd, making a right at the light. ~ 8 miles
    Continue, making a right at Stacy Haines Rd. ~ 9.8 miles
    Continue 1.7 miles marking a right onto Fostertown Rd. ~ 10.5 miles
    At Church Rd, make a right. ~ 13.8 miles
    Continue on Church, making a left onto Hartford Rd. ~ 16.2 miles
    Continue through the light, making a right onto Old Marlton Pike. ~ 17.8 miles
    Make a left to continue onto Old Marlton Pike, and follow, marking a right at the intersection onto E. Main St. ~ 20.2 miles
    [REST STOP] Make right onto New Rd. and then into the Evesham Municipal Complex.
    Upon exiting, make a right from New Rd. onto E. Main St. and continue onto Tuckerton.
    At intersection w/ Wawa, make a right onto Taunton Bvld. ~ 22.3 miles.
    Bear slightly right at the light to continue onto Hopewell Rd. ~ 23.7 miles.
    Continue on Hopewell, making a right at Kettle Run Rd. ~ 27.7 miles
    Continue down Kettle Run, as it makes its way to Tomlinson Mill Road.
    At the light, make a right onto the Marlton Parkway. ~ 32.4 miles
    Continue down the Marlton Parkway, though the light, turning right into the Promenade ~ 34 miles

    • Guys…I will try and meet you off of Marlton Pike either at Troth or Rt 70 and join for the rest of the ride. If you see a guy laying on the side of the road that looks lost or a bum….no worry, it’s only me. Will catch up once all of you have passed me.
      Barry 🙂

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