Great ride Sunday, Nov. 14th

Sandy writes: It was a great morning to get out and ride, we started out with 21 riders and thanks to the Ridemaster for mustering up a few extra very enthusiastic riders to join us. Wendy was our leader and route champion and we all thank her for the new route. The temperature cooperated, it […]

Next Ride Scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 14

Word on the street is that we will have a new ride leader. Any guesses who? This person is a seasoned rider, confident and indefatigable. We should have a clear, seasonably cool day. Team Evesham anxiously awaits…

Today’s Ride (Nov. 7, 2010)

Sandy writes: It was the perfect opportunity to get messed up but no one was late. So changing the clocks did not throw anyone off. We had a baker’s dozen group of intrepid riders for a jaunt out to Nixon’s and then up New Road this morning. Way to lead a ride Mike! Mike’s route […]

Sunday ride and clocks too!

Sandy writes: This weekend is clear, no rain but Sunday at 2:00am we officially change the clocks BACK one hour. We will ride from Panera Bread on Route 73 in Marlton, NJ. temps in the 50s too. Last weekend we rode out to Long Bridge Park on another one of those; “wow great trip to […]