World’s happiest cities have the most cyclists

A happiness expert — best job ever — and economist at the University of British Columbia has determined that the world’s happiest cities are those with the most cyclists. It might be time to get that bike out of the shed. [Read more…]

A Tour That Was Hard to Ignore

Our own John Murphy sends along a great story about the 2011 Tour de France… “Wasn’t this supposed to be a Tour to Ignore? Who had the stomach for another gut punch? Professional cycling had tormented its fan base. Repeated performance-enhancing scandals, apologies, accusations, investigations and denials had cast too many long, inexcusable shadows over a […]

Crossing the Nation on 2 Wheels — Again

Fellow Team Evesham member Chris Torello sends this great NY Times article about one of their reporters, Bruce Weber,  preparing for his second solo cross country U.S. bike tour: “LIKE you, I’m getting old. It’s harder to remember things, especially good things, the things I want to remember. Not so much because my mind is […]

SoundofMotion AlpineSport mobile app has a very positive review of the SoundofMotion AlpineSport Android app… “…AlpineSport is a free app which uses your smartphone’s GPS to record data from your ride including speed, altitude, distance and cadence – and allows you to publish the route on Google Maps and similar sites…” It is available for free in the […]

How the Common Bike Is Poised for a High-Tech Reinvention

From the Gizmodo Tech Blog comes the following article regarding some emerging technology that is likely to improve your riding experience in the next few years. “Three remarkable innovations are transforming the mechanics of the common bicycle. In fact, these new technologies may be the most significant developments in bike engineering since the original “safety” […]

Secretary LaHood meets with bicycling advocates; blogs about it

The League of American Bicyclists has published the following article about Secretary of Transportation (U.S. Department of Transportation) Ray LaHood’s meeting this week with the America Bikes organization, a national coalition that includes the League of American Bicyclists… “Today the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, wrote on his blog: ‘I don’t think anyone who reads […]

N.J. lawmaker back-pedals on bicycle license plates has published the following article regarding proposed NJ bill requiring the registration of all Bicycles in the state… “An Essex County lawmaker has back-pedaled on her proposal that would have required bicycle owners to register their bikes. Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker, who initially proposed the bill, said her “intention was never to impose a […]

Bike lanes inspire more cycling, says study posts the following interesting article. “A Tulane University study sees a 57 percent increase in cycling along St. Claude Avenue, the city’s first street to get the new lanes…” What was the old movie line, “If you build it they will come“? READ MORE…

Bike lanes create more jobs than other road projects, per $ 1 mil

From the League of American Bicyclists comes the following story. “According to a new report by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst says that building bike lanes and pedestrian projects, and bike boulevards, create more job per million dollars spent than road repairs and road resurfacing…” READ MORE

New Rules for the New Year — what they might mean

From the League of American Bicyclists comes the following story. “The incoming leadership team in the House of Representatives is proposing a raft of changes to the way the House is run; it’s part of the larger effort to rein-in government expenditures and get a grip on the deficit, as well as ushering in an […]