The Wiggins factor: Why cycling is a healthy option

Inspirational heroes at the peak of their physical fitness, boasting wardrobes of brightly coloured, skin-tight outfits. Not Spiderman or Superman – but elite cyclists. Both groups have their fair share of imitators – though cycling has middle-aged men in lycra rather than children in costumes. [Read more…]  

Riding In the Heat and Understanding Heat-Related Illness

Riding In the Heat and Understanding Heat-Related Illness The hot days of summer are upon us, and it is important to be well prepared when riding in the heat. Make sure you are well hydrated before starting the ride. Have at least 2 water bottles with you (filled with water or energy drink). Have energy […]

A Gym-Despiser’s Guide to Easy Off-Season Training

Bicycling Magazine has a nice article about exercises we can all do to stay in shape during the winter months… “When it comes to cyclists and strength training, there are two immutable truths: We have to do it if we want to rebuild strength for next spring, and we’d much rather be organizing our sock […]

Winter Spin Class for Team Evesham Members

Pete D’Antonio writes, “Team Evesham members: Now that the chill is in the air and our Sunday rides will be few and far between until it warms up, I hate to see all of the hard work we did this season go to waste so I have investigated the possibility of the team doing a spin […]

Off-Season Training Secrets

Sandy Student sends along the following article from the VeloWear VClub blog by Shelley Marenka. The winter months often bring cold, windy, rainy weather – the kind of weather most cyclists don’t like to ride in.  Unless you have a riding partner to help get you out the door for your next training ride, it’s likely […]

8 Core Exercises for Cyclists

Sandy Student shares the following article from by By Dimity McDowell (Bicycling Magazine) “Your bulging quads and razor-cut calves are the envy of your pack, and you start every ride strong. As the ride progresses, though, your hips seesaw in the saddle, your lower back aches, and you slow in corners. The problem?…” [ Continued ]

How to Perfect Your Riding Position & Technique

Sandy Student submits the following by Ed Pavelka of Cycling is full of prodigious numbers—the distances ridden, the calories consumed, the tires trashed. Another statistic that can seem astounding is the number of pedal strokes made… [ Continued ]