About Us


Our mission is to enhance wellness by promoting bicycling as a means to good mental and physical health. Our goal is to encourage participants in our team to ride in events that benefit and support other non-profit organizations. Your participation in our events supports this goal as we continue to develop programs that benefit our community.

We offer weekly training rides (March –November) that promote physical fitness and preparation for the charity rides that the team participates in.


The Team Evesham bike group is sponsored by the Evesham Celebrations Foundation a non-profit group that was founded in 2008 to celebrate community events in town. ECF hosts the July 4th fireworks, The Mayors Cup 5k, the Green Fest, the Taste of Evesham and Bike Evesham. ECF also feeds senior citizens in the holiday meal program.

The Team Evesham Bike Group started in 2008 with only 12 members and we raised about $14,000 in the MS City to Shore ride. In 2009 we raised $42,000 in the CTS ride and we had 28 riders. In 2010 we had 49 active riders and we raised $60,000.

In additon to the MS rides, members of our team also ride in:

Unity Tour
Tour de Shore
American Cancer Ride


The following excerpt was taken from Wikipedia.

“The area now known as Evesham Township was originally settled by Quakers in 1672. The township was named either for the town of the same name in England, or for prominent English settler Thomas Eves.

The Township was originally larger than it is today; it also included what today are Mount Laurel, Medford, Lumberton, Hainesport, Shamong, and Washington Townships. The South Branch of the Rancocas on the East Side and Cropwell Creek on the West Side bound this area. Evesham Township was eventually incorporated in 1692 as one of the thirteen Townships in Burlington County. In 1802, a tract was cut off for Washington Township; in 1847, the Township was then divided in half, with the eastern half becoming Medford Township; and in 1872, Evesham was divided again, for the last time, with the northern part becoming Mount Laurel Township.

Marlton is a name commonly associated and interchangeable with the name Evesham, derived from the CDP within Evesham. The name Marlton came about in the early 19th century and stems from the name “Marl.” Marl is a naturally occurring mixture of green clay with remnants of shells that was used as a fertilizer, like manure. Its discovery helped local commerce and fueled the first “building boom”, which took place in the 1830s and 1840s. Marl continued to be mined locally until 1930, when the pits were finally closed. Today one is known as the Benicia recycling center.

The Marlton area was recognized as a village in 1758. The village was named Marlton in 1845. The same year the “Evesham” Post Office and the “Evesham” Baptist Church both had their names changed to “Marlton” Post Office and the “Marlton” Baptist Church. The names remain the same today. Most maps and directional signs refer to Marlton instead of Evesham. The historic village, Olde Marlton, remains mostly intact and is a locally regulated Historic District. Full-time police services began in 1966.

Evesham remained mostly unchanged until the 1950s, when developers began buying farms and building the Township’s first housing developments. Today, no significant farmland remains.

In 1955, the United States Army opened the PH-32 Nike Ajax facility on Tomlinson Mill Road. This battery was one of twelve used to shield Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from aerial assault during the Cold War. The base was decommissioned in the mid-1960s and used for various functions, including a civil defense center. The site of the base is now a housing development which was built in the mid- 1990s.”

This August 2003 Evesham Township Bikeway Plan is informative.