Is it really fall?


The calendar says October but this past Sunday the temperature was 85 degrees for our ride out to Pemberton. The day started out slightly foggy but the sun and the warmth were apparent when we returned to Indian Spring Country Club. This weekend we had 113 folks out and riding with us on Team Evesham Rides. We have been blessed with spectacular weather the past three weeks. Please come and ride with us in this unusual weather pattern.


We celebrated quite a few milestones this past week, hitting over $105,000 in fundraising fort he MS City to Shore ride as a team, seeing several riders migrating to the “A” level ride and welcoming back Laura from her marathon training. It was a great time to be out and riding. We are gearing up for yet another super ride as a team on Sunday, October 20. Join us for the famous Covered Bridge Ride in Bucks County, Pa. We will car pool up to Tinicum Park and leave from Indian Springs Country Club early Sunday morning. Please reply to if you are joining us.  In preparation for this hilly jaunt, Scott Santos is leading a group on the Hilly Philly ride this coming Saturday, October 12 (contact if you will be joining the ride).


A date you will want to put on your calendar, the team holiday dinner is being held on Friday, December 13, more details to follow but hold this date.


It is always great to welcome new riders and just a few months ago, or was it really over a year ago we welcomed Lisa Swartz to our team. She progressed rather quickly thru group riding skills and then ride team leader training and quite a few charity rides too. Lisa is leaving us soon so we wish her all the best in her new home. Lisa, you will be missed.


Ok, here we go with biking trivia, for a $100 gift card at D&Q who can tell us (send your guesses to where you can find this sign in Burlington County? Click on the photo to enlarge.


Many of you heard about Ross and Basile meeting up in Greece and riding in Team Evesham gear but did you know that the Executive Chef of Brio/Bravo restaurants is also a Team Evesham member, he lives in Ohio.
Ok, we have lots of ride, our Fridays ride at 8:00am from LL Bean, two rides on Saturday (sunrise and Hilly Philly), plus our multi level group ride on Sunday, October 12.


Come out and ride with us and Don’t forget to take advantage of the RoadID 20% discount, this is a real lifesaver for cyclists, runners, and folks who are outside. Please purchase yours today.


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From the Biker Lane…


Thanks for riding with us!


The Team Evesham Ride Leadership