It Was a Happy 4th

Fourth of July and a sunny weekend, couldn’t ask for anything better.  For Team Evesham the activities started on Thursday morning when several team members competed in the Marlton 5k Mayor’s Cup.  That was followed by a bicycle parade down Main Street and in the evening was a fabulous fireworks show at Cherokee High School.  All these events were put on by Evesham Celebrations Foundation, our parent organization.

Friday morning the Sun was shining brightly and it was warm. We had 28 cyclists in the promenade for the Friday ride.  About 4 miles into the ride we decided to split into a B and C group with Pete volunteering to lead the B group.  The route was a little over 30 miles mostly along shaded roads, with a rest stop at Nixon’s.

Sunday was the Gibson House ride, but it did not start nor end at the Gibson House. In fact it didn’t even pass by the Gibson House.  However, there were 107 cyclists on the ride, ready to take on the heat, humidity, and the flat roads of South Jersey.   A full complement of ride class groups from A+ to C went out in succession, came back hot and sweaty, and most had a smile on their face.

A note of Caution – We did have an accident on the C ride.  While we can never presume to eliminate all accidents, we can minimize them by using good group riding practices. Safety is both a personal and group responsibility.  Communications within the group is essential.  Calling out hazards, changes in speed (slowing and stopping), and turns  will make a ride much safer.


Of Interest

  • Team Evesham members Eileen and Lauren Landgrebe took the time out of their schedules recently to raise money for the MS City to Shore. Way to go ladies!
  • The Tour de France explained. If you were ever curious here’s a fantastic and informative animated video (thanks Lon!)…
  • Help the Ben Franklin Bridge get the Bike Ramp it needs…
Pearl Street with stairs

Dear Friend of Bicycling,


Since 2005 we have been working to make the Ben Franklin Bridge more accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians. We are approaching the culmination of a major victory: replacing the Camden-side stairs with a ramp.

We have one more step to get the bridge we want. In the near future the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) will decide on the final design for that ramp. This represents our last chance to influence the ramp’s design.

Of the three proposed designs alternatives, the Bicycle Coalition is urging the DRPA Board to select the single continuous ramp, aka “Alternative 2.” This option calls for a single continuous ramp that follows the slope of the bridge and widens a section of the existing walkway that currently narrows to 5 feet as it approaches the existing stair tower.

We are asking those who enjoy walking or bicycling on the Ben Franklin Bridge (or wish to once the ramp is complete) to e-mail the DRPA Board and urge them to select Alternative #2 for the ramp.

The other two options include switchbacks. A continuous ramp that does not switch back and improves the existing narrow section of the walkway would:

  • maximize user convenience;
  • allow for continuous eastbound travel to Pearl Street, downtown Camden, and points beyond;
  • further enhance transportation options for pedestrians, bicyclists and wheelchair users without busting the project’s budget.
Once completed, the ramp will be a centerpiece of The Circuit regional trail network and will connect to existing and planned street improvement and trail projects on both sides of the Delaware River.

Despite overwhelming support for Alternative 2, some DRPA Commissioners and staff members are concerned that the straight-ramp design might encourage speeding and create a safety hazard.

While these concerns may have some merit, any speeding issues could be addressed by minor design changes, such as creating a chicane – which is a kink in the ramp similar to the design of the CSX bridge in Schuylkill River Park. It should also be noted that the Philadelphia side of the bridge walkway is a already a straight ramp.

Please send a quick email today (use your own words) to the DRPA Board and urge them to choose Alternative 2. Thank you!

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Cruiser, Hybrid or Mountain Bike Needed

One of our team members has made us aware of a single father who is disabled and is raising his young son.  He is not able to get a driver’s license, and would greatly appreciate a bike which he could use for transportation to the market to buy groceries, etc.  If you have an old (or not so old) bike that you are willing to part with, please let Sandy ( or Dave ( know. Thanks.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, 7/11 at 6PM. Our regular Thursday evening B/B+ ride will depart from the Indian Spring Country Club 115 S Elmwood Rd, Marlton, NJ 08053.
  • Friday, 7/13 at 8AM. Team Evesham Friday morning ride will meet in front of Panera’s/L.L. Bean in the Promenade at 500 Route 73 S # E15, Marlton, NJ 08053.
  • Saturday, 7/13 – Nothing planned yet but sty tuned…
  • Sunday, 7/14 at 8AM. The Team Evesham all-level ride will meet at the Indian Spring Country Club and the route will be published later this week.
  • Sunday, July 14th – The ACS Bike-a-Thon. It’s not too late to sign up for this incredible event with Team Evesham.


One final word…

Over the past few weeks we have all witnessed many selfless acts by team members which have gone unnoticed – almost. Here are just some of the things that make riding with Team Evesham such a great experience.

  • A rider leaving the ride, staying with another rider to assist with mechanical difficulties such as a broken chain or flat tire
  • Another rider leaving the ride to escort a rider home who was experiencing fatigue
  • Riders stepping up to assist with a medical emergency
  • Driving back to pick up stranded riders after the ride
  • Experienced riders taking newer riders under their wing

There are many other ways that people have been contributing as well. No asks them to do these things and certainly no one tells them to. Team Evesham is not the Indian Spring Country Club parking lot full of bikers or a slick-looking bike jersey (although we must admit they are pretty cool after all). None of us belongs to Team Evesham. We ARE Team Evesham. If you see a chance to help and do not, you have missed an opportunity for greatness!

As always remember to share the road, be courteous to other drivers and above all be safe. And oh let’s not forget to have fun this summer!

Best Regards,

– The Team Evesham Ride Leadership