What a weekend!

Four days of rides and Team Evesham spread its wings to participate in some special events. This past Thursday we had our first evening ride of the year and 15 cyclists showed up.  It’s great to be able to ride after work again, but we had to cut the ride a little short because of lack of light. However, the days are getting longer, so, hopefully we can do the full route this week.  Friday’s ride had 10 riders, and we went north side [of Rt. 70] through Mt. Laurel and Vincentown.  A beautiful day, but still had those pesky spring winds.

We didn’t have a Team Evesham ride on Saturday, but 29 team members did ride in the UrbanPromise Pedal for Promise ride that started and ended at Johnson’s farm.  There was a total of 375 riders and it raised about $80,000.

Sunday was the big day.  We had team Evesham representation in 3 cities; Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, Five Boro Tour in New York City, and our Sunday ride in Evesham. ( I know, it’s a stretch to call Evesham a city.)  In the Broad Street Run we had Laura, Alena and Neal, and congratulation to the 3 of them. Running 10 miles is a lot harder than cycling 10.  34 team members journeyed to New York this past weekend to participate in the Five Boro Tour.  I’ve been told it was the best yet, that includes the ride and the pizza they stopped for along the way.  Locally on our Sunday ride had 60 riders who showed up remembering the new start time of 8:30.  The route took us around Centennial Lakes and the rest stop at Medford Bagels.  From there it continued to north of Rt. 70 then back to Marco’s at Indian Spring CC.  It was chilly at the start and hard to believe it is May, but it warmed up to be pretty nice by the end of the ride.

Group Riding

With the warm weather coming, the cycling hormones begin to flow, and most of us are ready to go out there and hammer.  So this is a good time to review group riding rules.

Group riding rules

  • Respect and listen to the group leader – Leading a group is not an easy task.  The group leader sets the parameters so everyone can enjoy the ride. Riders who don’t respect those parameters diminish the experience for the others.
  • Obey traffic laws – enough said!
  • Do not leave the group behind – Do not separate yourself from the group unless the leader announces a “break away” to specific location.
  • Don’t leave riders off – If the group gets separated at intersections, the lead group should soft pedal until the rest join up.  Also, do not under any circumstances run red lights to stay with the group!
  • Don’t leave a rider with an equipment problem alone – At least one person should stay to aid with repairs and to help rejoin the group.
  • Pick the right group – Pick a group within your capabilities.

Groups / Ride classes

  • Group A+ – speed 22 and above mph
  • Group A – speed 20 – 22 mph
  • Group B+ – speed 18- 20  mph
  • Group B – speed 16 – 18 mph
  • Group C+ – speed 14 -16 mph
  • Group C – speed 12 -14 mph

Choosing the right group – In order for a group to maintain cohesiveness the riders should be somewhat matched in capabilities.  To maximize your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others in the group it is important that you choose the group that best matches your capabilities. If you believe you are ready to step up in class and want to try a faster group, inform the rider leader that you are stepping up in class. If you cannot maintain the pace let him/her know that you are dropping back to the next group.

Start of the ride – After the announcements the leaders  for the A, B+, B, and C groups will  go to locations  away from the main group. The riders will re-assemble in the respective groups with their ride leaders to review the ride plan, speed, pace and safety rules before starting the ride.


Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, 5/12 at 8:30am  – Our weekly all-level ride will depart from the Indian Springs Country Club. The route(s) will be posted to the website later this week.
  • Wednesday, 5/15 at 7:00pm – Ride of Silence,  starts and end at Freedom Park in Medford, NJ.  The ride is sponsored by Medford Township and Wheelies Bike Shop.
  • Saturday, 6/1 – Tour de Cure from Ambler PA.  Join our John Murphy and register as a member of Team Stradley Ronon, on the ADA ride to stop diabetes.
  • Saturday, 6/8 – MS Muckfest Join Team Evesham in the fun event.

Ride safely, obey all traffic laws, and have fun!

– Dave, Brad, Sandy, Scott, Laura & the Team Evesham Ride Leadership