Basketball and Bike Riding, what do they have in common?

This past Saturday, Team Evesham hosted two superb rides, Hilly Philly and the trek to Nixon’s.

So what does basketball have to do with the rides? On Friday night at 8:30 when the weather forecast came on during the NCAA game we saw the forecast was ideal for a local ride so at 8:30 PM we added this  event to our already scheduled Hilly Philly climb up the wall in Manyunk. Low and behold with about 12 hours of notice we got 17 riders to join us from Marcos out into the Pinelands. The temperature got warmer by 22 degrees from the start to the finish of the ride. How about that wind on Saturday?

Hilly Philly Ride
Saturday was a beautiful day for climbing.  We had a total of 18 riders.  There were a handful of first-timers who did fantastic.  Nancy especially kicked butt!  Laura’s dad joined us and sailed up all of the hills.  Overall, everyone finished with a great feeling of accomplishment.
We will be scheduling the next Hilly Philly within a month.  We welcome any riders who are ready for a fun and challenging ride.


Watch for our full ride schedule on Thursday night and thanks to all of those who took advantage of the MS Society special April fool discount promotion, we added 17  riders.


Upcoming Events

  • Friday, 4/5 at 9:00am – First Friday ride of the year, C+ pace, 30 +/- miles.  Check the website for details.
  • Saturday, 4/6 at 8:45am –Mountain bike ride – For ride location and details will be published later this week on  Team Evesham MTB or contact or
  • Sunday, 4/7 at 9:00am  – Our weekly all-level ride will depart from the Indian Spring Country Club. The route(s) will be posted to the website later this week.
  • Saturday, 4/20 – Thin Blue Line Ride,  details will be published soon.
  • Saturday, 6/8 – MS Muckfest  Join Team Evesham in the fun event.

Ride safely, obey all traffic laws, and have fun!

– Dave, Brad, Sandy, Scott, Laura & the Team Evesham Ride Leadership