Two Good Days in a Row

This past weekend we finally had two good days for cycling.   On Saturday eight riders from Team Evesham ventured to the White Clay Park and Middle Run nature Preserve near Newark DE to do some mountain biking.  They had beautiful weather, the temperatures were great, and they rode for around 2 hours through the park – a great time!

The trails were firm and the trees protected them from the wind, it was just a good day for riding.  But it wasn’t all outdoor and healthy activity, after the ride it was off the McGlynn’s Pub for lunch.

Sunday was the all level ride and the route was “Marco’s to Zena’s”.  Twenty-five riders showed up.  Maybe the early chill kept some away.  That was a shame because it quickly warmed up a bit and with only a light wind it was a good day for cycling.  The route is one of our favorites,  riding past the homes and classic architecture in Moorestown, delicious pastries & coffee at Zena’s, and a ride along the river.  It’s hard to beat.

For the past few Sunday’s some of our cyclists have been asking, “Where’s Sandy?”   Well, he along with Chuck and Scott have been attending power training sessions at D&Q each Sunday.  They should be back riding with us by mid-April, and he told me he’s feeling so strong that he’ll probably be riding with the A+ group.  “We’ll see”.

Want to try mountain biking?
The MTB group is also planning some beginner MTB rides on Sunday afternoons in Evesham at the Black Run preserve (Behind Kings Grant).  All are welcome to join them for this ride. If you have not experienced mountain biking before, this is a great spot to try it out.  A hybrid bike is enough to give it a try and see how you like it.  Let or know if you would like to join them.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, 3/30 at 8:45am –Mountain bike ride – For ride location and details will be published later this week on  Team Evesham MTB or contact or
  • Easter Sunday, 3/31  – No Ride this week

Ride safely, obey all traffic laws, and have fun!

Dave, Brad, Sandy, Scott, Laura & the Team Evesham Ride Leadership