What should you do in the snow?

For Team Evesham riders this was an easy question to answer, go out on your bike for a trail ride. This past Saturday we held a “first” ever Team Evesham trail ride thru the Black Run Preserve and portions of the Kings Grant Community. We had ten riders and it was sort of a beginning sessions for a few folks. This coming weekend we thought, why not expand this for everyone, so gather up your gear and come out to the Kings Grant Shopping Center, 137 Merchants Way, Marlton , NJ on Saturday, February 2 at 9:00am.

Our very own team leader Scott Santos has offered to teach a beginner class in trail riding, (did you expect mountain bike riding here in south jersey?), the ride and class start at 9:00am and it will be a new experience for many folks.

There are some obstacles that need to be negotiated on any level ride.  There may be downed trees to go over or around, as well as ruts in the road that may have mud or water in them as well as ice if the temperatures are that low.  These are not difficult in the Black Run trails.

Ok, here is what to bring:

A) no road bike
B) a hybrid or trail bike
C) the same clothing that you use for road biking (layers)
D) please don’t wear your road bike cleats, flat pedals are best
E) Camelbak or water bottles
F) enthusiasm
G) eye protection, clear or tinted, to guard against branches

Here is yet another example of Team Evesham and really great people trying out something new, and yes you might want to bring a towel, Scott says it can get a might bit dirty on the trails.

The next day on Sunday, February 3, before the Superbowl, we will have our regular Team Evesham all level ride from Marco’s/ Indian Spring country Club starting at 9:00am. This is a difficult time of the year for road bikes with the snow and ice. But we are glad to offer you a bit of a change with the trail bike class and ride on Saturday.

See you this weekend.

Sandy, Brad, Dave, Laura and Scott

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This Week’s Rides

Saturday, February 2nd at 9:00am – Mountain bike ride for approximately 2 hours. Meet at  Kings Grant Shopping Center, 137 Merchants Way, Marlton, NJ. There will be trail biking 101 for new riders.

Sunday, February 3rd at 9:00am – Team Evesham all level (A+,A,B+,B,C) ride departing from Indian Springs Country Club at 115 S Elmwood Rd, Marlton, NJ 08053. This week’s route is the Marco’s, Murphy’s and More ride.