Sunny but Windy and Lance too

What an incredible weekend, Team Evesham hosted three rides including our first ever, mid day Saturday “Easy B” ride. On the Saturday A ride we had 10 riders and then a different group of 17 hit the streets of Burlington County for the B ride.On Sunday we had 45 riders for our all level jaunt out to Pemberton and the tasty treats at Dunkin Donuts.

The weather was just a beautiful blue sky kind of day, but each of the three rides had a fair share of windy weather too. How windy was it? One of the skinny gals complained that she had to really stay in the pack to keep from getting blown over. Several of us passed a guy who was doing yard work on Sunday and he told us that we were his “motivation” to get out and ride. Remember we welcome all to our rides, who knows maybe the Saturday easy B ride will become a regular feature, stay tuned for more and thanks to Brad Lloyd and Cathy Hartman for organizing this new ride.

On Tuesday, January 22, at noon you can sign up for the NYC 5 Boro Ride, this is a great event, it is a total lottery and you have the chance to join 32,000 other cyclists on car free streets. It is first come, first serve and I recommend this as a bucket list item.

Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/GettyIn other news, many of you watched the Lance Armstrong interviews last week, and with all the controversy around Lance, his actions, and the enormous fallout I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts on Lance. In my opinion, Lance was the catalyst for making cycling a successful sport here in the USA. Before he won the Tour de France, cycling was not a mainstream media event in this country. In addition, Lance spread the awareness of cancer, can you remember when you first saw the yellow Livestrong bracelet? I know I had to wait two weeks to buy my first one and now tons of other charities have begun to include this bracelet as a symbol of their outreach. I am not certain how this saga will play out but it would not surprise me if there is more news to develop in this story.

It is really amazing to me that we are still out and riding this deep into January and that we have so many people who are participating with us, stay tuned and hope for great weather next weekend. By the way, this just in, the MS City to Shore event just confirmed a return to Ocean City NJ for the 2013 end point.


This Week in Photos

Stay frosty!

Sandy, Brad, Dave, Scott, Laura, Cathy, Bradley and all of the TE Ride Leaders