The end of the Year, but we are still riding!

What a strange weekend we had for the end of 2012, rain, snow, sleet, cold, and wind. We only got out on the road for Friday morning ride but we had a blast of a ride. The temperature started out at 28 degrees but it warmed up to 37 when we returned. Simon was wearing this great gear from Showers Pass and he was not even a wee bit cold. Carrie kept pushing the speed on the ride to get warm and Simon rushed out ahead on a fantastic breakaway. I thought this was because he was hungry and he wanted his warm bagel but it was because he was leaving Friday night for London and then to go skiing in France. He needed the exercise to keep him sane before the long plane ride over to England. Joe told us he loves to ride in any weather and he was happy we rode on Friday because he took the day off.

We are weather dependent this time of year, snow, ice, and wind can cancel the ride, we will keep the website updated and also send out a mass email if we have to scrub the ride due to conditions. Please keep in mind “dressing in layers” is standard procedure during the winter months. You may start out the first five minutes of the ride a slight bit chilly but you will warm up if you dress correctly. Check out these articles about dress or email me directly. Our ride distances will also shorten during the winter months.

Speaking about rides, we are starting a new tradition with our first New Years Day ride, come out on Tuesday morning at Indian Spring Country Club and join us at 9:00 for a ride thru the Pinelands. Donuts and Coffee with be provided to help shake off the New Year revelry.

Finally I want to thank you all for participating in our weekly rides and also for riding in many of our charity events. As we turn to 2013 please mark your calendars for a very special event on Saturday, April 20. From all of the ride team leaders we wish you and your families the very best of the season and we hope that the New Year 2013 brings you health, prosperity, and great riding.