Still Going Strong

This weekend we had 43 riders between our Friday, Saturday & Sunday rides. Everyone had nothing but great things to say about the new Saturday ride. Thanks to Scott and Laura for leading.

On Sunday had pastries at one of our favorite stops: the Olde World Bakery in Southampton. We need to build that extra layer of insulation for the cold, lean winter months right? At the completion of our Sunday we were greeted with the following awesome message at Marco’s restaurant

First the cake at the holiday party now this. Thanks to Dean and his amazing staff at Marco’s!


Please Make Plans to Attend!

This Tuesday evening at 6:30PM in the Evesham Township Municipal Building (984 Tuckerton Rd, Evesham Township, NJ) Team Evesham will be presented with an award by Evesham Township for our record-breaking year. Our team has raised over $100,000 for charities this year through activities in charity rides such as the MS City to Shore and the American Cancer Society’s Bike-a-Thon. We are asking everyone to make plans to attend and wear your Team Evesham Jersey. This is a great privilege and a great honor.


Upcoming Rides & Events



We did have one accident this weekend, although thank goodness no one was seriously injured. Thanks to everyone who helped Roman. Our understanding is that he is doing well but his bike will be hurting this week. But seriously Roman, we hope your are feeling better soon!

For those of us who are less experienced (and for those who are very experienced but let their guard down from time to time) let’s remember not to cross wheels in a line. “Crossing wheels” means allowing the edge of your front tire to pass beyond the edge of the rear tire of the person in front of you when you are both riding in a line. The risk is this: if the person in front of you accidentally bumps your front wheel by shifting to the left or right you will be the rider going down because the front wheel of a bike turns but the rear wheel does not. In addition you may cause the people behind you to crash as well.

Always remember to leave enough space to apply your breaks in case the person in front of you makes a sudden shift or stop.

Our goal has been and will always be safety first. A safe ride is a fun ride!



Now that we’ve added a third ride (Saturday) everyone should be able to to make at least one ride each week. Hopefully. Be safe and have fun!

Brad, Sandy & Dave