Sunny and Windy with 97 cyclists!

It was a great group ride and our own Scott Santos laid out this great route, lots of long straight roads, no one got lost and we had much warmer weather than Saturday. It started off at about 50 degrees and got up to 70 degrees at 11:30.
Thanks to Phil and Dennis for filling in for Dave Bennis who is out for a few weeks, don’t worry he has promised he will be back before Thanksgiving.

We had a super ride on Friday with Ross and Rich leading and then a few brave souls tackled the Hilly Philly ride on Saturday. With temps in the low 30s the ride became (thank you Laura), the “chilly hilly Philly” ride. We had Gwen break in as a ride leader and we had several members from Team Elf join us on the road. Remember we welcome all cyclists so spread the word among your cycling friends to come out with us on Sundays. Our rides go until December so keep coming to The Promenade. The routes may get shorter but the fun never stops.

We need to remind you if the weather starts off a bit cooler bring an extra layer of clothes, a base layer (synthetic material, glove liners, etc.) is easy to take off. Just ask Lori how much stuff she can fit into her Team Evesham jersey pockets? Go ahead, she will tell you she was amazed at what she can bring on the ride.  Stay Warm on Cood Days.

The wind seemed to take a bit of the starch out of a few riders coming in off New Freedom Road, this Sunday, but our own Lisa just kept on chugging along as she said “come on, I can pull all of you”, and with that off she went. One of the keys to a great ride is eating, yes some of us never stop eating. So bring along some healthy snacks (bananas, clementine oranges, energy chews, fig newtons, etc.). Many folks enjoy the honey stinger brand of energy snacks but try out a few different items and tell us what you like the best.

A few folks asked about discounts and how to become an “official” member of Team Evesham so here is the inside story. If you come out to our rides we consider you a team member. When and if you sign up for a charity ride (MS, Cancer, ALS, Autism, Live Strong, Irish Pub, etc.) we then inform our sponsors and you benefit from the team discounts on all of your purchases. For instance, the team jersey costs $50 but if you sign up for a charity ride we subsidize the cost and you only pay $25. So come along with us either way, we welcome all.

Ok, looking for an early way to join us as an inside member, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 20, 2013. Watch for the details, but I understand several team members are starting a new charity ride at the beginning of the cycling season. Be among the first the sign up for this new riding event.

Finally I want to thank everyone who rode with us on the MS ride, we are moving closer to raising $100,000 in this year’s City to Shore ride. If you want to contribute and help us cross this threshold please go here to contribute to the team.



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