MS weekend & Team Evesham exceeded our goal!

It was just incredible to line up as a team at the Patco Woodcrest Station and have all eight original team members with us on Saturday. For the annual MS ride we wanted a team of more than 150 riders and we sought to raise at least $85,000. We can check off both of these items from the list as we continue to grow our team and our contributions to various charities. A enormous thank you to all of our riders! In a few short years we have grown both our weekly training rides and our charity team rides. Amazing but stay tuned there is more!

In really ideal conditions, cool but no rain we rode for a charity and had a blast while we were doing great things for others. OK, here are a few highlights of the MS weekend to Ocean City and back again.  Read all of this and see the note at the bottom about the contest too.

Our team members were the most courteous and most safe team, we heard this from the MS Safety Group and got a rousing pat on the back for this accomplishment, way to go!

  • We were the “hit” of the party, we started the rest stop dancing at lunch, what was in Cathy’s water bottle?
  • The Pizza surprise (Manco and Manco’s) was a huge hit at our tent in Ocean city. Mark told me he went through a whole pie he was so hungry.
  • Roman was the leader of a very unique group, they rode down to Ocean City, hit the pizza at the tent, swam and ran on the beach, and then rode back, all this before 4:00. How does he do this? These guys must have burned over 8,000 calories on Saturday. Simply another amazing accomplishment.
  • I had the best time because I changed who I rode with at every rest stop, I saw great personal accomplishments, some folks were worried about those two bridges and now Melissa is convinced she can do anything after scaling the the OC bridges.
  • Here are the riders we recognized for awards on Friday night…

Team All-Stars: Scott Santos, Laura Simons, Lon Mietka, Wendy Donato, Cathy Hartman, Julie Galezniak, Dennis Dahms, Phil Yoke
Most Improved Rider: Nancy Wilson
Best Recruiter: Dennis Wall
Jersey Designer: Brook Murray
MVP: Chuck Nowicki
Team Captains (they do all the work): Dave Bennis, Brad Davis
Team Founders: Linda Palmer, Chuck Kaplan, Sam Student, Stephen Hallet, Rob Kaplan, Mike Barth, Dave Delizza

  • It was simply a sight for my eyes to see so many Team Evesham blue jerseys, every where I looked I saw riders from the team. I even saw a few riders with previous year Team Evesham jerseys. In case you are wondering, we are keeping the jersey for next year too. It looks great, check out D&Q for the matching jacket and shorts too.
  • The MS Society has a special designation for fund raisers who top $1,000 in contributions, our Team Evesham VIP members(as of Saturday) are: Steven Berzon, Charles Caramanna, Bob Cornelius, Peter D’Antonio, Jeff Dunne, Marc Field, Cathy Hartman, Basile Kanaris, David Kepron, Jay Levenson, Bradley Lloyd, John Murphy, Mark Napoli, Lucie Nowicki, Nancy Pomilio, Walt Rosewitski, Michael Silverman, Michael Vindick. Superb job here too!
  • A big call out to two former riders who came back to help us out at Patco and at Ocean City, thanks to Rob Kaplan and Sam Student, don’t let anyone tell you that teenagers sleep all day Saturday.

Ok, you read down to the very end of the this MS weekend highlight, here is the deal, there are three teams competing for the top honors in being the second largest fund raising team (Penn has the number one spot sewed up, but they have over 300 cyclists). We are one of the three teams in the running. The MS Society will accept donations until October 31. Please keep your online fundraising and check collection efforts going. Check and see if any of your contributors also can get a match from their employer. It exceeds my wildest dream that we raised over $85,000 already. Let me know if you need any help in this area.

I wanted to end with this personal comment; watching the team grow means I am a lucky guy, I got to meet and ride with so many incredible people. This is the gift you have all given to me and it is one that I treasure beyond belief. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the team, improve the MS ride or just want to share a comment, email me at If you have any special photos from this weekend that you want to share with us, send them our way. You know the story is not complete without the photo.

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Thanks to Dave Brown, Laura Simons, Lem Rogers and everyone else who contributed their photos and videos. Ww will be producing a video of this event shortly.

Please always remember to be safe, courteous and law-abiding while out on the road.

Best Regards,

– Sandy