A few more MS moments… Plus a discount!

One of the great parts about our weekly ride recaps is the ability to reflect and look back at the most recent rides we took as a team. I wanted to share with all of you a few quick observations about the City to Shore ride this past weekend.

The first story is about a guy who has been riding for a few years with our team. He initially was a 12 MPH rider when he first came to Team Evesham. He now is overwhelmed because he rode 100 miles on Saturday at get this, more than 17.5 miles per hour (average) and he was not exhausted. He remembers when we only had a handful of riders on Sunday and he has made enormous strides as a rider and an athlete. Talk about personal growth and accomplishment. This guy is now a ride leader too. Way to go and we are always proud to see new personal bests for our team mates.

The second story is about another team member. It was late on Saturday and I was leaving the finish area in Ocean City, there were several late arriving riders coming into Ocean City. I was speaking to a few MS Society staff members when one of the newly arriving riders asked the MS staff members how she could get a ride medal since she had just finished the grueling 75 mile ride. This was this rider’s first time riding in the City to Shore event. The MS Society had run out of medals but get this, one of your team mates took the medal from around his neck and placed his medal around the neck of this rookie rider. This brought tears to the rider and the MS staff members who saw this generosity. This is another outstanding example of what we represent as a team.

The third story is about the connection a cyclist made with people who are afflicted with MS. He stopped at a rest stop  to refill water bottles, use the bathroom, and stretch before continuing. He went over to grab some water and asked one of the many volunteers for some water to refill his bottle. She handed him a big jug of water and said, “Thank you for everything you’re doing”. He stopped for a minute to respond and tell her that he should be thanking her, not the other way around. As he was saying this he stopped to get a close look at her. She was a middle aged woman and was confined to a wheelchair. It took him a bit of time to process it, but finally it dawned on him that she had multiple sclerosis. He told me that he has never been more proud in his life when he realized that somehow, someway, he was helping this woman who was suffering from this debilitating disease. Talk about making a connection and realizing the ride was more than the bike and the miles.

Hopefully these three stories can convey a sense of what happened this past weekend, yes we had a great time but we celebrated personal growth, doing for others, and impacting people by simple acts of kindness. Keep in mind our three tenets (on the back of your jerseys) of Fitness, Community, and Recreation. Thanks you again for riding with us and making us successful beyond my wildest dreams.

Ok, what about the discount? This Saturday is Bike Evesham, with 25 and 50 mile routes thru the Pinelands. If you wear a Team Evesham jersey (any Team Evesham jersey) and come register on Saturday (cash or check only) you will be able to register at the previous rate of only $30.00 to participate in this ride. So Team Evesham riders will NOT pay the late registration fee. What what a deal!

As we promised you here are a few more photos and videos from the ride to Ocean City and the trip back to Cherry Hill. Thanks to all of you who contributed videos and pictures to our collection here.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=727XujjDgIE”]
[Thanks to Lem Rogers for the video]