Ye Olde School

This Sunday started out wet but the sun dried everything up quickly. Official count: 95 riders (thanks to Gwen). So what did we do? We headed out to one of our favorite stops, the Olde World Bakery in Eastampton, for some delicious bagels and pastries. We ate and we ate. Then we burned it all off. Not a problem. Definitely not a problem right?

A day earlier, Saturday, our ride leaders attended a class tailored to Team Evesham ride leaders. Part of the class was held inside our lovely Gibson House and part of the class was out on the road. Much of the course was taught by League of American Bicyclists LCI (League Certified Instructor) Glenn Page who, it just so happens, lives right here in town (imagine that). Another portion of the training was done by Evesham Township police officer Trevor Short. Officer Short doesn’t know it yet but we’re going to get him in a pair of biking shorts. Our Chief of Police Michael Barth (who is a Team Evesham member) interrupted his vacation time and was also present – thanks Mike! Cardiologist Dr. Jeff Leavy of Heart House Cardiovascular Associates gave a lecture on heart conditions and signs of cardio stress. Then it was outside for some street training with Glenn Page. The presentations are available to all team members on our site. Glenn’s presentation is here. Officer Short’s presentation is here, and Dr. Levy’s presentation will be available as soon as we receive it. Please take the time to study these as they will surely make you more aware of cycling laws and best practices.

Okay some very exciting news: as we approach Labor day we look forward to the arrival of our new team shorts and jackets. It’s not certain when they’ll arrive but the designs are complete.

Also tomorrow night, Wednesday, 8/29 will be the MS City to Shore Rider Expo. This is always an exciting event where we have the chance to recruit new riders. If you’ve raised the minimum $300 required to participate in the MS City to Shore ride on September 29th & 30th then you should definitely drop by to pick up your rider packet – don’t wait until the day of the ride. VIPs (those who have raised at least $1,000) can pick up their jerseys as well.

Finally, if you have signed up for the ride and are in need of overnight accomodations please contact Cathy Hartman who can direct you to Team Evesham riders who will be able to help you locate housing.

Upcoming Rides & Events

  • Wednesday, 8/29 from 5:30-7:30pm – The MS City to Shore Rider Expo will be held at 1301 South Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19147 by Penns Landing Caterers. Learn all you need to know about City to Shore, all in one place. Plus, cyclists can enjoy easy rider number pick up (2011 VIPs get your reserved gold number), 2012 VIPs can pick up their jersey and everyone can take advantage of discounted bike shop merchandise and mingle with fellow cyclists
  • Thursday, 8/30 at 6pm – We may be using a modified version of our existing ** route or a completely different route. Regardless, we’ll be meeting for pizza and beer afterward. Come join us.
  • Friday, 8/31 at 8am – Our weekly Friday morning ride will start from the Promenade Shopping Plaza on route 73 in Marlton. We meet in the parking lot in front of Panera Bread.
  • Sunday, 9/2 at 8am – Our regular Sunday ride will also commence from the Promenade. Once again we’ll meet in the parking lot in front of Panera Bread (where we will commune after the ride as well – join us!)
  • Saturday, 9/29 – Sunday 9/30 – The annual MS City to Shore bike ride. This is without a doubt the best-supported ride we participate in as a team. You will not ceased to be impressed with the great care and consideration given to riders in this event! The rest stops, the food, the entertainment. If you haven’t signed up yet don’t delay, the ride will be capped at 7,500 riders and word is that the ride is close to that number.

The World of Biking

I’ve noticed so many riders with clipless pedals lately. It’s a real shame but these people just don’t understand what it really means to go clipless. This gentleman will illustrate…

[youtube_sc url=”yiiI-q-bbE0″]


As always we are concerned with everyone’s safety, health and enjoyment. We welcome your feedback regarding the rides and how we can constantly improve our rider rider experience. Please don’t ever hesitate to approach your ride leaders or team captains with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Positive feedback is nice once in awhile too!

Remember to be safe and always be aware of other vehicles on the road.

– Sandy, Dave, Brad and all of your ride leaders