What a Weekend – ICC Race in Philly and Some Fine Rides

Whew What a Weekend!

This past Friday we changed things up a bit and went  to Philadelphia for a ride on the Schuylkill River Trail.  The ride started with 14 riders following Ross starting at the Falls Bridge, through Manayunk then back onto the trail to Valley Forge.  Ross believed we needed a few small hills to get us warmed up.  It was a treat to be  riding and not having to watch out for auto traffic.  It seemed that the journey to Valley Forge was shorter than the commute using The Schuylkill Expressway.  I don’t know if it was the joy of riding and the good company, or if it was actually shorter. I think  the former.  On the way back we stop in Manayunk for ice cream, and there achieved our 15 seconds of fame.  We were part of the back ground for a feature to be broadcast on channel 6 news.   This Friday the ride will again be starting from Panera’s in the Promenade.

Saturday several members of Team Evesham took part in the JDRF ride out of Blue Bell, PA.  The rest of the cycling world may considers us “flat landers”, but Jim Sweet, Chuck Nowicki, Scott Santos, John Murphy, Neal Wilson and Frank Landgrebe represented us well in that hilly ride finishing near the front.  Jim was the first rider completing the ride.  That training on the “Hilly Philly” rides must be paying off.


In addition Evesham Township’s Finest were available to the public at the Marlton Chick-fil-A for face-to-face conversations and questions. This turned out to be a great success as over 50 people showed up for talks with members of our local police department.

We canceled our Sunday ride and encouraged everyone to go over to Philadelphia and watch the TD Bank International Cycle Championship.  Several of us did just that.  It was a beautiful day and an awesome event.  Check out the sprint to the finish.  For a few of us it was the 1st time be at the race and probably won’t be the last.  Chuck and Scott rode 2 laps on the course before the race started, climbing the famed Manayunk wall twice.

Even though we officially canceled the Sunday ride, about 25 cyclists showed up at Panera’s Sunday morning, and Laura Simons valunteered to the lead the ride.  She wisely chose one of the rides to Johnson’s Farm. Who wants a rest stop at WAWA when you can get homemade granola and cider donuts  at Johnson’s?  She did such a fine job that Sandy reached out to recruit her as a team leader, and she graciously accepted.  Thanks, Laura.

For this Sunday’s ride she has made another good selection by choosing the Mt. Holly – Smithville Park ride with a rest stop at Olde World Bakery.

Ride safely and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Dave, Sandy, Brad, Wendy, Laura, & Chuck


Schuylkill Ride

Sunday Ride and Race