Warm Weather Riding

Sunday Ride Recap

Sunday, June 10th was our warmest riding weather yet as over 60 riders showed up. No jackets, no long sleeves, no more fleece-lined biker pants. The Olde World Bakery was a welcome treat (the air-conditioning was welcome too). Let’s remember to hidrate regularly before and during rides. Also check out Wendy’s article about heat related illnesses in our Health section (thanks Wendy). As the weather gets warmer this information becomes crucial to the welfare of everyone riding.


Ride Classifications

For the benefit of our new riders, over the past two seasons Team Evesham has experienced significant growth, so much so that last year we started breaking the ride up into smaller groups so that we can more effectivaly manage rides. Part of this entails a ride classification system based on speed ranges that is common to many bicycle clubs. We’ve posted a description of these ride classifications here on our site but to reiterate…

Class A+
Above 22 MPH
22-26 MPH
Class A
21 MPH
20 – 22 MPH
Class B+
19 MPH
18 – 20 MPH
Class B
17 MPH
16 – 18 MPH
Class C+
15 MPH
14 – 16 MPH
Class C
13 MPH
12 – 14 MPH
Class D
12 MPH or less
12 MPH or less


The C & C+ groups are for the average rider. Consider the faster groups as a growth path, if it is your desire to improve your speed.


New Start Time for Team Evesham Sunday Rides

IMPORTANT! Now that we are headed into Summer full-tilt we’ll move our Sunday rides to 8:00AM. More light (and more heat) means we can get started sooner and avoid the heat of mid-day. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the ride. The new 8:00AM start time will commence this Sunday, June 17th (Father’s Day).


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