Unity Tour: Rain does not dampen the mission or the ride!

This year three members of Team Evesham are participating in the Police Unity Tour. This is a ride of over 300 miles that goes from New York to Washington DC.

When the Police Unity Tour comes into a town, everything stops, every intersection is held as the line of cyclists stretches out , everyone rides two by two.

The cyclists are welcomed into every town by school students, bands, church bells, and even senior citizens cheering and calling out from their wheelchairs.

The school kids all want to touch the hands of a rider and the ride marshals hand out Police Unity Tour flags to the kids. People salute the riders and everyone has a smile on their face, both riders and even those who have to stop to allow the riders to pass along the route.

Someone commented that the Unity Tour must be re-creating the drama of the old western movies when the calvary rode into town, everyone is dressed in blue and police officials come from all over the world (England, Canada, Australia, etc.) to ride.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Unity Tour will be riding along Route 130 from Edison NJ en route to Wilmington DE, the tour stops for lunch on Route 130 at the Abundant Life Fellowship Church, 4151 Route 130, Edgewater Park, NJ. Come and see you fellow team members as they ride to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.

The riders say they “ride for those who died”.