Over 50 riders (no fooling) and the debate continues

On April first, we had 53 riders join us on our trek out to Johnson’s Farm and the two
local Airports. It was wonderful to see several new faces and we welcome you to our
weekly rides. The sun did eventually peek out when we returned to the Promenade. A
great thanks to our Sunday ride team leaders; Dave, Wendy, Lon, and Pete.

I thought that Pete and John were both much faster with their new bikes. But for whatever
reason John’s new bike wanted to sprint off in a different direction than the cue sheet

It is amazing to me but the controversy I heard a few folks discussing on Sunday had
nothing to do with the Supreme Court and healthcare, whether yellow is more visible than
red, or the upcoming Presidential election. It was about food.

The question is who designs these rides and more importantly who picks out the bakeries
where we stop (Old World Bakery, Medford Bagels, Zenas, Johnson’s Farm, etc.). It
seems several riders were questioning if we ride to eat, or if this is just a side benefit to
the rides. You can cast your vote on the next ride on your side of this eternal question.

A few updates, our best wishes for the upcoming holiday season and enjoy your Easter
and Passover holidays. There will be no ride on Easter, Sunday, April 8. We will try and
get a special Saturday ride in this coming week for those who are interested, check back
on our website.

Also please remember you can sign up for a few charity rides right from the Team
Evesham (Urban Promise, Cancer, MS) website. Please consider joining us as we ride
for these worthwhile causes.

Our Friday morning C/C+ ride continues this week from Panera Bread in the Promenade
at 8:30am.

Don’t forget you too can submit a ride to us for our weekly ride and keep those designs
coming in for our new 2012 Team Evesham jersey.

If we are doing good things tell your friends and invite them to ride with us. If you have
any suggestions just respond back to us.

Sandy, Brad, Chuck, Dave, and Wendy