Hot Coffee, Good Pastries, and a Nice Ride

Saturday evening there was a last minute notice, Sunday morning it was breezy and cool, but 11 still showed up for the Ride to the River.  Those 11 cyclists were rewarded with an enjoyable ride.  We left Panera’s as one group heading into a northwest wind and shortly broke into 2 groups each riding at a comfortable pace.  Our efforts of riding against the wind were well rewarded at the rest stop with hot coffee and pastries in Zena’s Café.  After leaving Lena’s we were warmed by the sun while riding along the Delaware River.  Then with the wind from behind, we headed back to Panera’s while riding through Cinnaminson and Moorestown.

Thank you Neal for leading the ride.

We will be starting our regular weekly rides Sunday March 18th.  Remember it’s never too soon to start getting in shape for the charity rides, and we hope to get strong team support for:

Check the website for updates on weekly scheduled rides.

Sandy, Brad and Dave