The Sun Shined On Us, Sunday

After the wash out of last week’s ride, it was great sunny fall day for this week’s ride, and more than 40 riders were at the Promenade at 8:30 for the ride to the Olde World Bakery in Eastampton. Rest stops at Zena’s Cafe last ride and Olde World Bakery this ride, what could be better.

It was good to see that the cool weather isn’t deterring our regular riders from coming out to ride, but more surprising is the number of new riders we have each weekend.  We gladly welcome them and hope they will continue to ride with us each weekend. Team Evesham rides are tailored to meet the needs of riders of all levels, including A, B & C-paced groups. New riders are encouraged to start in the C group and progress to B or A as they feel comfortable.

Lon Mietka

A special recognition goes to Lon Mietka who volunteered to ride sweep and stayed with a rider who suffered from cramps during the ride.  Lon proves the truth in our statement, “no rider is left behind”.  Thanks Lon!




Upcoming rides this week:



The trees weren’t the only colorful thing this weekend…