The best weekend of the year to ride!

The weather this past weekend was just spectacular and we had a great group of riders doing multiple rides. Our local Panera ride had 36 folks this past Sunday. It seems that everyone loves Johnson’s Farm, it must be the cider donuts for sure. Thanks to Ted, Rich, Ross, and Niles for being the ride leaders this past weekend. We also had a group of 23 riders journey up to Erwinna, PA for the Covered Bridge Ride. So we had 59 riders out with the Team Evesham group this past Sunday. Riding is more fun with teammates to enjoy the scenery, compare cycling ideas, and have support; be it a bottle of water, an Advil, or a spare tube for the flat tire. This coming Sunday we will ride from Panera at 8:00am. Check back at our website for more updates as we get closer to the weekend, the weather promises to be just incredible again this coming Sunday. Check out the review from John of the Covered Bridge Ride this past Sunday, there were hills and the vertical climb was over 3500 feet but see the story for more details.

See you on the road.



John Murphy, a fellow rider and Teamevesham member, best describes the experience of the Covered Bridge Ride in his commentary below.  John recently completed a bike tour of the Tuscany region in Italy which gives him a unique perspective of the ride.

“It was quite a ride yesterday.  I am not sore but I am still feeling sluggish.  The hills were not particularly long but they seemed to just keep coming wave after wave.  The hills in Tuscany were longer–often three or four miles long– but they were not quite as steep.  In Tuscany, you can see the town sitting on top of the mountain four or five miles away.  You resign yourself to a long climb and simply do what you have to do to get there.  Yesterday,  It was impossible to predict what was beyond the hill you were climbing at the moment.  Scott told me there were times the grades reached 16 or 17 percent.  That would not surprise me. Frank and I left a bit ahead of everyone else.  I reached the first rest area and still hadn’t seen anyone.  A few miles later, I followed a group of 8 or 9 riders who took a sharp left turn away from the rest of the riders.  I assumed we were breaking off for the 63 mile route.  We rode more than a mile until we reached a major intersection.  It was then apparent we needed to turn around and retrace our route.  This cost me at least ten minutes.  Four or five miles later, I followed another small group that proceeded to miss a right turn.  We rode on for more than a mile before we realized no one else was following us.  Once again,  this added another two miles to my route.  I reached the second rest stop and saw Sandy, Scott and Frank as they were about to leave.  They reported Jimmy and Chuck had just left.   I caught up with the group  several miles later.  I was really dragging at the end.   By the time I arrived shortly after 2 p.m, Jimmy and Chuck had already showered, changed clothes, eaten lunch, changed the oil in their cars and gone fishing in the canal.  Perhaps I exaggerate but they obviously blazed quite a trail. Sandy tells me we had over 20 riders yesterday.  This is quite a turnout and a tribute to the team.  I also had the pleasure of watching Sandy “work the crowd” at the third rest stop.  Scott politely reminded him that there was a shortage of Evesham Township voters in the crowd.  However, rumor has it that Sandy is considering a run for a Bucks County Commissioner position.  If memory serves me, it was Scott who recommended this ride.  Great call, Scott.”