Jim Sweet Conquers the Gran Fondo NJ

On  September 18th  Jim Sweet drove to Morristown, NJ, to take on the hills of North Jersey in the Gran Fondo NJ.  He not only completed the 103 mile course, he finished in the top 20 in the 4 timed hill climbs.  Jim writes . . .

“I made it through the NJ Fondo. It was a real leg burner. The route had its share of long, moderately steep climbs and was also peppered with many short, extremely steep climbs. They just wore you out.  There are some mean hills up in the Morris and Hunterdon County area and the route seemed to cover them all.

The four timed climbs were real nice. Each one was at least 2mi long with anywhere from 450ft to 700ft of elevation. I did pretty good on them. Out of the 327 riders who rode the century I placed 17th. In my age group(40-49) of 120 riders I was 7th. I was real happy with the results.

This was the picture at the start. It was a bit chilly at 47 deg and it never really got that warm during the ride. I wore a long sleeve jersey and leg warmers and was comfortable for the ride. I’ll send you the download and see if I can send you the race results also.”

“Here’s the climb results. There were some real fast climbers. Just under 33min for the winner is flat out flying. It works out to about 80 vert ft per minute. The pros average around 85-100ft per minute. It would have been real cool to see him fly up the hills.”

Take a look at  Gran Fondo route map and Jim’s cycling data.