MS Ride Update

Day of Ride (9/24)

We recommend that team riders starting at the Patco Woodcrest station arrive by 5:30am if you have not received your ride number. Sandy will have your team number at our Teamevesham Tent. If you already have your number you should plan to arrive no later than 6:00am, and proceed to our team tent for refreshments (bagels, cream cheese, etc.), the team picture and ride preparation.  Because we are a “large team”, we will be staged as a group in the pre-start staging which begins at 6:15am.  The ride kick-off is at 6:40am.  Parking space will be at a premium, so arriving early is a good idea.

If you are returning Saturday evening there are MS Ride return buses.  But, if you are interested in car pooling please contact Dave Bennis at or 609-654-0364.

More details will be posted during the week. Please check this web site for more updates.

Ride safely and courteously, and at the end of the ride please join us at the Teamevesham Tent in Ocean City.