MS Ride: A Good Day for a Ride to the Shore

What an amazing ride and check out the photos!

The weather turned out to be perfect this weekend for the 2011 MS City to Shore ride. Every year the ride keeps getting better: the food, local police coverage at intersections, so many volunteers, and the SAG support.  During the entire ride from Cherry Hill to Ocean City there were gray skies, but no rain. Just a good day for a ride with a great mission, curing MS.  As Sandy stated so well, “I want to thank you all for riding with Team Evesham, the annual City to Shore ride is the highlight of the season for us. … This weekend we rode and because we were doing good deeds, we never encountered the strong rains. The weather forecasters are only correct 50% of the time.  Along the route, the Team Evesham riders were easy to spot, the jerseys looked great (thanks Dara) and we were the only group that called out all the obstacles on the road. We set an incredible example for the other teams and riders. We always are looking to grow and we hope you can recommend other riders to our team in this year and for 2012. ”

Photo Gallery