MS City to Shore Rider Details

In the event of a route change Team Evesham will contact everyone on the team in the early morning. This is one of the reasons it’s important that we have everyone’s cell number.

Team Evesham photo will be at 6:15AM. DO NOT BE LATE OR YOU WILL MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE SEEN IN THE TEAM PHOTO. Many other teams will be lined up waiting for their photos so there will be a tight schedule.  Team Evesham officially begins its ride at 6:45AM.

If this is your first time riding in the MS City to Shore the parking lot at Woodcrest PATCO may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Here is a map. Note that Team Evesham’s tent is #22 on the lower right side of the map. The train tracks run vertically along the far left side of the map and the main road runs horizontally along the bottom of the map.
List of Items to Bring
Below is a brief list of items to consider bringing on the MS ride tomorrow…
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Waterproof jacket or shell (although it should be warm, in the 70s both days) if desired
  • Cell phone (in a plastic baggie in case of rain)
  • Riding glasses
  • Tire pump and/or CO2 canisters
  • Spare inner tubes
  • Tire patch kit
  • Wallet: Car keys, Cash, ATM card, Credit card, & health care provider card
  • RoadID (if you have it)
  • Energy bars/chews
  • Aspirin or other pain reliever

In Consideration of the Rain
In addition Sandy has added some more detailed recommendations & points in consideration of the likely weather situation…
  1. It’s always a good idea to have a rain jacket with you on a long tour, preferably one of a breathing material.  If you tend to heat up, a vest is a good option, although obviously your arms will be wet.  (Once wet, though, you’re wet.)
  2. I don’t subscribe to the rainsuit idea…pants and all.  I’m not worried about my legs getting wet.   It doesn’t look like we’ll be dealing with driving rain, anyway, and the temperature should be moderate enough to not cause much concern about the cold.
  3. Shoes…these will get a bit messy.  You can get little booties to fit over your shoes but in reality the rain will run down your legs, onto your socks and into your shoes anyway.  To get your shoes to dry overnight, pack newspaper into them once you get to your hotel. It’s amazingly absorbent.
  4. Get/wear a cycling cap, one you can buy for maybe $5 at Performance or Bike Line. It’ll fit under your helmet and the brim will keep rain out of your eyes. A baseball-type cap will do as well, just be sure you can wear it under your helmet and still have the helmet fit properly. I can’t tell you how many people thanked me for this advice last year!
  5. Wear cycling or sunglasses, unless they are too dark on a cloudy day.  You want to protect your eyes from the kick-back of the bikes in front of you.
  6. If you are riding a mountain bike or hybrid with nubby or treaded tires you’ve got little to worry about in terms of the slippery-ness of the road.  If riding smooth tires, some people recommend lowering the air pressure a bit to get more surface material on the road.  Downside of that….the rain washes debris from the side of the road into the road which means more flats likely.  A wet tire will hold debris more (like glass, for instance) which leads to more flats.  Bring an extra tube as while the bike shops will be there to help you, they will be busy.

  7. When it’s wet watch metal or wood bridges. Walk across if you sense danger. Leave more stopping distance, just as you would in your car, as the rims when wet will offer a slightly slicker stopping surface for the pads.  Also, watch the painted lines on the road.  They get slippery when wet. 

  8. Bring a plastic bag or seat cover with you so your seat is covered at rest stops.  A plastic grocery bag works just fine and is easy to slip over your seat and tie at the post, and it’s easy to transport in your pocket.
  9. Bring an extra pair of gloves…those you wear on Saturday might not dry for Sunday.
  10. Make sure your chain is lubed before you leave home or lube it as soon as you get to PATCO.  Pack some lube in your overnight bag or stop at one of the bike shop tents at a rest stop you hit post-rain to relube your chain.  Hit your cleats/pedals, too, while you’re at it.
  11. Cleats will fill up with mud and wet sand at rest stops. Be sure to clear them when you get back on your bike so you don’t have any problems clipping in and out.
  12. Even if it’s not rainy when we start out, you’ll want to dress in layers, perhaps with your rain jacket as the top layer, or wear arm warmers.  The morning of C2S Saturday almost always starts out cool but you’ll heat up along the way.  Having clothing options will allow you to be comfortable no matter what.
  13. Don’t forget to line your luggage with a Hefty-type bag to keep the contents dry if your bag is exposed to the rain.
  14. Broken record here…leave home EARLY!  Rain means a slower ride to PATCO and potentially more of a traffic jam.  Trust me on this…
  15. Once on the route, take your time.  If you start with us at 7 you have 10 hours to finish…Enjoy the route, enjoy the rest stops, enjoy your old and new cycling friends.  The rain will become irrelevant soon in

We will see many of you tonight at the Team Evesham dinner. Please feel free to contact Sandy, Niles, Dave or myself with any last minute questions. The temperatures should be mid-70s tomorrow. Let’s be careful and have fun!