Cool and windy but great to be outdoors

Two rides are better than one right?

Pedal from the Promenade (Bike Evesham)

If you missed this ride you missed a great opportunity to see Evesham Township and surrounding areas from a different perspective. Almost 200 riders from the area participated in this ride. Below are some taken at the starting line…

Sunday Morning Ride

Sunday’s ride was brisk but not as cool as Pedal from the Promenade. Once again we had about 40-50 riders show up eager to get going. This was our last team ride before the MS ride next weekend…


  • Remember this Friday’s Team Evesham dinner will be at the Gibson House in Marlton at 6:30pm and is open to ALL Team Evesham members.
  • The MS City to Shore ride will take place this coming weekend from Saturday, September 24th through the 25th. More information to follow.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming days!

– Brad, Niles & Sandy