A great riding day!

43 riders today along with great weather!

I could not have asked for better weather, no wind, sunny, and about 68 degrees when we left Panera this morning. We divided up into three groups and went off on a journey of 35 miles.

Niles, you had a great route and stopping at Johnson’s Farm for the cider donuts was a treat for me. I suspect they are each about 400 calories but they are quite tasty. We welcomed a few new riders today, thanks Pete for bringing your spinning class members. For some reason we had more than our share of flat tires today, just a quick reminder, it is common courtesy to assist the riders with flats. Thanks for those of you who offered tubes, patches, and pumps to those with tire problems this morning. We are going to start our Sunday rides at 8:00am from now on. Please mark down this time change. Next week, we will ride on Sunday, July 3 and John has a very special holiday ride planned for us. On Monday, July 4th there is an entire day of events planned for Marlton, (parade, 5k run, fireworks, skydivers, etc.) It is all free and open to the public except for registration fees for the Mayors cup 5k. Email me back if you want more information. In two weeks, Sunday, July 10, Team Evesham will be participating in the American Cancer Ride. This ride has multiple starting points and promises to be a great event. Please check out our home page, www.teamevesham.org for more information.

For a special prize, can anyone here identify all of the folks that are in the three photos above [click each photo to enlarge]? Email me back before Tuesday for your prize.

– Sandy

More photos from today’s ride…