Bike NY 2011 Registration

Bike New York – Sunday, May 1st

I can hardly believe it but Bike New York is only one week away. The temperatures should be in the low-mid 60s. Niles sends along the following information:

Here is the itinerary for Bike New York.

We hope to start loading the bus at 3:30 am on May 1st.

Hopefully, we can be on the road around 4 am.

We will arrive at Staten Island with any luck around 5:45 and be able to catch the ferry to the start of the ride by 6:30 am and arrive at the start about 7am.

If this all works we should be from the front to the middle of the pack.

The bus is equipped with bathroom, wifi and dvd.

John DiLello donated two moving blankets and Wendy and Jim donated 19 so we should be able to cover each bike during the commute.  Thank you Wendy, Jim and John.

I suggest that everyone bring a small cooler with breakfast and lunch.  There should be plenty of room on the bus so everyone can have his or her own seat if they want to nap.

I have heard that the crowds at the end for the food are very large.  If we are tight on time we may not have time to wait.

We have the bus for 12 hours.  Anything over and we have to pay additional.  I fully expect each person will be getting some money back.

Please send me your address and cell phone number. This way I will be able to mail each person there refund back. I will also make a list of cell phone numbers and give one to Brad and one to Rich.  This way if anyone needs assistance they will be able to reach someone for help.

Here is the address for the bus:

Academy Bus Tours
6 Western Drive
Westhampton, NJ 08060

Thanks Niles! A big thanks also to Wendy, Jim & John for the blankets. If you have any questions or updates to add please contact Don’t forget to send your cell phone information.