Get Out and Ride

We had a great turnout and good riding weather last Sunday. Sandy writes:

“Thanks to the 18 riders who came out this morning for our ride thru the Pinelands. We went into Marlton Lakes, Centennnial Lake, and then into Meford Lakes. This was a great group to ride with today. I have to admit that the wind was stronger than I imagined. When we returned to Panera someone told me that his bike computer showed winds of over 30 mph. I know at one point on Tuckerton Road, I looked at my bike computer and I was only going 10 mph on a flat surface but my cadence was reading 91.

Drew & Madison











If you like what we are doing with our rides, tell your friends, if you have any suggestions just email or call me.

Some of the "Reds"

Our ride next Sunday, March 20 will take us out to the Delaware River and then back along incredible scenery in Moorestown.”