Today’s Ride (Nov. 7, 2010)

Sandy writes: It was the perfect opportunity to get messed up but no one was late. So changing the clocks did not throw anyone off.

We had a baker’s dozen group of intrepid riders for a jaunt out to Nixon’s and then up New Road this morning. Way to lead a ride Mike!
Mike’s route was superb and we rode in the sun, heck I did not even realize it was 33 degrees when we started. With the cooler weather we only did 32 miles.

I know we are doing things that motivate riders since we get folks from Pennsylvania to come ride over here in the “flatlands of New Jersey”. We are still out and riding and encourage all of you to come and join us, truly a spectacular day today, not a cloud in the sky and it seems like everyone has a yellow bike jacket, we all looked like we belonged together and we were visible.

Next Sunday, November 14, we will ride from Panera on Route 70 in Marlton, at 8:30am come with us even if you have a red bike jacket. Bring your friends as we explore another new route for our ride.