New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition – New Jersey Three-Foot Law Proposed

Niles Commisso shares some information he recently received from the New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition. The Coalition is a non-profit organization working to make New Jersey a better place to live through safer, more enjoyable ways to bicycle and walk.

“…This next year looks to be an interesting one, especially in view of the current economic climate and the recent elections.  However, while the landscape is changing, our goals do not.  We are still fully committed to getting a three-foot safe passing law enacted in New Jersey, helping to safeguard cyclists, pedestrians and all other vulnerable users of our public streets and roads.  We are also working towards making Complete Streets a state law instead of just an NJDOT policy for state roads.  We realize that there are significant financial considerations to making our current roads complete” (meaning that facilities exist on the road for all users, not just motorized traffic — sidewalks, bike lanes, etc.), designing roads from the beginning using this concept adds very little to the overall cost.  This concept is gaining ground across the county and New Jersey needs to be in the vanguard of making its roads safer for all users.  A simple look at our pedestrian fatality statistics over the last few years drives this point home.

NJBWC is also fully supportive of Bike Education in New Jersey, partially funding the efforts of the NJ BikeSchool in providing bicycle education to children.  Initially with the aid of a grant from REI, we will be increasing our role in this program going forward, expanding the operations of the NJ BikeSchool into other New Jersey counties (currently most operations are in Camden and Ocean counties).

We will once again coordinate the New Jersey delegation to the National Bike Summit in Washington (March 2011) and planning is also underway for
our own New Jersey Bike and Walk Summit in Trenton (February 2011).

There is much to do and you are helping us to do it.  If you would like to take on a more active role, perhaps volunteer on a committee or join us in Trenton or Washington in 2011, please let us know.  Also, please feel free to contact me, or any member of our Board of Directors, if you have a question or suggestion.  You can stay up to date on what the Coalition is doing by checking our website at or through our e-newsletter, which is issued approximately every two weeks…”

Thanks Niles!