Great Ride to the River! Sunday, 11/21/2010

“…Today we went out for a super ride to Riverton and cruised down the Delaware for a bit then we headed out to Moorestown to view several great homes.

Thanks to all of those who came and a quick reminder, we are in the process of lining up bike shop discount coupons, please make sure to send us your address so we can mail these too you. Yes, I would prefer emailed coupons but one store actually wants to give all the riders a true discount card.

I hope your Thanksgiving is spectacular and if you want to come and help us deliver meals to the few who can’t get out to visit with their families just let me know, our holiday meal program will be in full swing beginning this thursday morning.

We are trying to determine if folks are around for a ride this coming Sunday, November 28.

Just drop me a note back about riding this upcoming weekend and make sure we have your address.”

– Sandy