Great ride Sunday, Nov. 14th

Sandy writes: It was a great morning to get out and ride, we started out with 21 riders and thanks to the Ridemaster for mustering up a few extra very enthusiastic riders to join us.

Wendy was our leader and route champion and we all thank her for the new route.

The temperature cooperated, it was 62 when we returned and the scenery through Mount Holly and the old courthouse (prison too) was just a great historical trip back in time. Plus the danish at the Old World Cafe are just so tasty.

Ok, only 1 flat tire and 1 broken spoke but all in all everyone got back safe and we are still primed to ride. Come take advantage of this weather and plan to ride next week.

We are really lucky to have a 65 degree day on November 14, stay tuned for more riding updates as the week progresses.

Thanks to Brad for taking the photos too.

Say what happened to the missing guys (Chuck, Matt, Drew, Carlos, Bob, etc?)…